The Science Behind Mental Illness and Drug Association with Sheetal Kandola

Our special guest Research Scientist Sheetal Kandola @sheekandy stopped by and finished out our Mental Health Awareness Month with some valuable …


  1. I am beginning to ponder when these drugs are strategically put into communities, is it to purposefully kill off persons due to over population. It makes lots of monies.

  2. A phenomenal and immense informative scientific perspective on mental illness. [ Had Pusha been a guest, this would have obtained a lot of views. We value the whole stuff. Mental health is vital. ]

  3. i know this must be a good interview because there are only 316 views in 2 hours (which is very LOW). that means the content is good. the garbage always gets the most views. the real stuff is only see by the realest people…. which are few and far between.

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