1. Dear Mendo Dope,

    I am hoping you guys could maybe give me some advice on what to do in my situation. I have huge amount respect for you and have just recently discovered your videos and music which I really enjoy both…really really good stuff

    I am a second year grow here in the northeast. I lost an earlier batch due in september to hi humidity and mold developing in my drying area (only area I have) so I put a de humidifier (on low) in the room to reduce the humidity for my next batch I hung. The de humidifier malfunctioned and ending up staying on full blast for a full half a day and night. The bud has only been hanging for three days and now feels crispy as hell and seem light and airy on the outside with some moisture left on the very inside. The stems feel too dead for my liking and I know I have really fucked things up. I am devastated. What advice would you give? Should I just clip the buds up and jar them now, or do you think the moisture will return from the stems and let them keep hanging? I turned off the dehumidier right away when I discovered it never auto shut off last night. Again I have mad respect for you two and really appreciate the time you put into your videos and helping people.

  2. How well do 4L and 2L CVaults fit in there?
    Can I lay racks in there and do an actual cure? Just burp the whole unit, lol.
    With CVaults or even jars, still a need for boveda inside the container? I should probably call them…
    But man am I interested. Sold if it, or the XL, fit my collection of cvaults.

  3. Had to buy one! It was my missing piece. Got the grow down, got an AutoCure for drying and curing, just needed a good long term storage solution. I was on the fence before but with the Mendo Dope graphics I was sold. Love all that you boys do!

  4. Your guys help myself calm and relaxed every morning..I have epilepsy missing my right frontal lobe….. Misses you guys this year in Boston.. please come next year.. Peace Love and happiness…. Thank you Mendo

  5. It was great meeting you guys at the Boston Freedom Rally! Thanks for all the inspiration wish I could showed you guys my garden got a few 10footers on my second year growing on the East Coast. Can't wait to see what you guys have done!

  6. I'm from Maine but watching you mendo boys grow like you do makes me wanna grow some Maine-Do trees next year… pine trees with slightly smaller 🍍 do what u do guys and do it big love to get me one of these mendo dope curidor's great style as ALWAYS…..

  7. Sorry but that product is rubbish,and why they show weed in jars,placed inside that weird ass humidor,what's the point of that then lol hahaha keep them jars in your cupboard,same thing, shit isn't even light proof,dude rambling bout room mates stealing your stash,Bro if u dropping all that cash for that shit,u better not be in a house share punk ass

  8. Mendo Dope selling out to a man with a pink shirt holding a polished turd in one hand and a dream in the other.
    A over priced fridge that has humidity control…. Wow! tour life must be expensive.

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