1. i had somone ask me if they can dab hemp seed oil ? i didnt know couldnt find much and u help with an answer or brake dow the hemp seed oil vs cbdoil vs thc oils i herd its not safe to heat it is all i kherd tho

  2. Dude everyone should call youtube customer support and complain about the mistreatment of YouTubers producing content that is being discriminated against and demonetized even though the videos they are making are 100% legal to make.

  3. 'Uplifting' effect from such a low dose, or a large dose,!?! what do you mean, seems like an ad for Dr norms to me , I've taken 500mg+ fairly regularly in the past, didn't seem to do anything,, the entourage effect is very real tho, for decent meds you need cbd,thc, terpenes and flavonoids all working together

  4. Sea 🐝 Dee
    Is boring….
    We want

    CBD is for the people on a fucking weed diet.
    Do what you do best…
    Get motherfucking stoned!

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