Shoreline Mafia on People Thinking Ohgeesy is White, Using N-Word (Part 1)

Watch Part 2: ————————– In this clip, Shoreline Mafia sat down with VladTV to give their backstory to how they all met and how the …


  1. That dudes white af man, saying because his parents are mexican he's not white? Nigga gtfo out of here, whatchu call an albino african, black? Fuck off with this shit, Mexican ain't no color.

  2. There are white Mexicans. Mexican isnt a race its a nationality. Brown skinned Mexicans are more native, they arent white. But there are definitely white Mexicans… Even on the census, it says White (Non hispanic) and thats because there are a lot of WHITE Mexicans!!! And by the way, white Mexicans like Ohgeesy are hella racist against BLACK Mexicans (Yes, there are BLACK Mexicans, Mexico is multi-racial)

  3. To be honest I feel like Mexicans critique everything from black people, our shoes, clothes, hair, our style 🤷🏽‍♂️. Where do you think Mexicans flow from rap come from.🤔……………………………. Black people where the first ☝🏾 ones to create hip-hop. And that still don’t give you a right to say Nigga
    Nigga is a term that was used against black people through ones who suffered for African Americans now, just for us to live in a equal world. All those people, you had ……………… Martin Luther king, Rosa park, Frederick Douglas; They where the reason why you see black people becoming successful. I suggest if you say nigga, you should understand what it means to be black because it ain’t easy. Just as any other race……… just saying

    And don’t get offended, learn from the truth☝🏾👌🏾

  4. People love speaking on shit they dont know. Most mexicans are mixed. He looks mexican as fuck to me, I'm from mexico and have been living in the states for 10 yrs. Places like puebla and more in the center of the country and more indigenous tend to be short for example. My friends who study there literally struggle with places w small doors lol. People who are obviously Mexican. Ive always known and been around light skinned mexicand and dark. Yes plenty are darker, honestly many who have light skin are well off economically and dont feel the need to migrate. Its interesting, you go to a party with people from private schools or who have money and they're almost all people who yall would think are white. The majority of the people who migrate are of more indigenous decent. My DNA results are 51% european about 34% Native American, my brother has hazel eyes and pale skin and I have tanned skin and dark hair. Its weird hearing people who are not from mixed, families, communities or decents speak on such a subject

  5. Mexican are euro fuckin peans so it’s no fucking difference between them and white but they just have black descendants mixed over lots of Europeans rape but any way Europeans whites are albino in the first place so it don’t matter

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