Quit His Job to Travel Full-Time / Tips on Downsizing & Saving

I’m following Kevin Martin, from 30 and a Wake Up, and interviewing him before his worldwide travel quest begins with Remote Year where he’ll travel to 1 …


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  2. Have a lot of wool clothes since I spin and knit but I still want to see the 30 day wool test! I wouldn’t wait the 30 days before washing underwear but would be ok for sweaters or shirts. 😁

  3. Great interview. I travel a lot (cruises, time share, where-ever) , and Kevin's insights are awesome. Following on 30 and a wake up – can't wait to read the follow on interview 🙂

  4. I really loved this. Learned a lot. I live through you all. Can't travel right now do to health reasons. But my daughter lives 1000+ miles away. I would love to find a good credit card that gave you travel points on all spending. Could save points now. then when Dr. gives ok. I could have a few points saved. did he happen to tell you what card that was ? lol

  5. Loved this video and so excited for Kevin! Great interview! Now following him and would love to know which credit card he chose! Thanks Amber for another great video!💕

  6. I wanted to watch the video but with you moving the camera all the time made me dizzy so I just had to move off the video maybe you thought it was being creative but it wasn't sorry but it was distracting.

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