New! Ccell SILO Vape Battery 2018 Description & Review

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  1. I am soooo disappointed! In 2 days i received 2 different vaping device (one of them is this SILO) and they both have a terrible plastic taste! The first one i already sent it back and now the SILO doing the same!? There is a warranty card in the box but if it's not "defective" how can i get a new one and what is the guarantee the next one will be better. Seems like lots of people have the same problems. It's not the pods or the cartridges give out that horrible taste, it's the battery itself! Has anybody experienced the same and is there a way to fix it? It's not just the bad taste but why should i inhale toxic plastic??? Please help!!!

  2. Thank you for the video. It helped others but i'm still totally retarded about vapes and similar items. I want to quit smoking the stinky sticks and i have been checking out the new pod systems and i like some of them. But when i read the comments about it i keep running into either leaking/spitting problems or the coils getting gunked up if the e liquid is too thick.. I am planning to diy my juice but i'd like to use 100% VG which is very thick… That's how i found this item. It can handle thick "whavever/anything" ??? (Other than weed oil) This is where i'm stuck. I don't know if this is refillable, with what, how to use it, etc.etc. I was hoping for a complete demo like those that show the new pod systems.
    Even CCELL website don't give anymore info other than specs…
    I can't find price on these items either.
    Disappointing because i like the style and the fact that i don't have to press any buttons to operate it. So even if i got a kit for a present i wouldn't have a clue what to do with it…
    Sorry for my ranting but i'm frustrated.
    All your viewers are experts on these items and i feel like i just dropped off the Moon lol. 😃

  3. awesome review. I received mine today and I was astonished on how small this device is. It literally took less than a minute to setup everything and love the auto draw feature. The only feature I wish the silo had was a battery LED indicator but other than that 10/10 product.

  4. This is the best vaporizer for concentrates since sliced bread (bet you didn’t know people used to vape bread). But making the tiny round light BLUE for the blue Silo instead of white (for showing connectivity) was a big mistake. It might have been ‘cool’ but the point is to be able to see it. The pink Silo is much better… it uses a white light that’s visible.

  5. With the palm c cell battery, I seen another YouTubers review stating that it only held a c cell cartridge. I’d like to know for sure before I purchase one. I want a battery that will hold most cartridges without a problem.

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