1. Obviously it's sad because these guys must have core issues that led them to spice addiction. However…it is their culture to use drugs as escapism!! They are the reason the streets are flooded with dealers. Supply and demand! White government do not care about their own people either… especially when they're from deprived environments. They should provide better budgets for rehabilitation!

  2. These are good men helping them lads! anything could have happened to them being so comatosed and lying there. Didn`t know this drug could be so powerful. It seems worse than heroin.

  3. The drug paralyses you, i used to take it when they were first dropped into market legally in 2013, these people trying to help by forcing the two lads to stand up, they have no idea what it feels like in that state, their ears are ringing they cannot hear you, they're hallucinating, they cant move any part of their body, not even talk or even open their eyes but they're conscious in a wild trip, once their ears stop ringing they can hear you and feel your grip while your grabbing them but they're paralysed they cant move no matter how hard they try, you just need to wait and they will get control over there body slowly and wake up, i know this i experienced it many many times

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