1. Thanks for this video too by the way, I was told you had to put them into bud to find out what they were. This saves a lot of time, light, water, food,space.. Thanks again..

  2. I know whatchu mean by waiting a few more weeks. I pulled back the calayx and found a few times and was like ha female and times I've waited and seeing those 2 bumbs and thought shit male gotta go. Well the female pre flowers will swell up and itll look like nuts but then a few days later she'll push out those long hairs. I've also had a feminized seed turn idk what you call it but it only 1 bud site turned male. The rest of the plant was pistils everywhere. So I wouldn't call it a hermie more of a mutation I suppose cuz hermie is 50 50 but anyways my friend told me to just pluck em off and see what happens. The thing grew fine and didht drop nuts anywhere else. I love growing you see the weirdest shit sometimes and its therapy too me. It's really fulfilling to garden indoors and out.

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