Families, doctors react to Louisiana's loosening of medical marijuana regulations

The families who have been waiting to use medical marijuana say this decision was a break through, however some doctors worry this is a step in the wrong …


  1. The story is kind of about the boy whose mother thinks he needs medical marijuana, kind of about the board voting 8 to 1 to remove the patient limit, and kind of about one doctor's opinion that cannabis cannot be medicine, since he does not know how to prescribe it. I am requesting a follow-up with the little boy's doctor, and with a physician who needed the limit removed so he could prescribe to additional patients. If you want to draft one of the few remaining prohibitionists to say a few words for the old way, which was mostly war on minorities, you are free to do so. Though I would submit that they have had their way with the media for far too long.

  2. I like the report but I think you missed an opportunity such as asking Dr. Roy 'why? there is no understanding of dosage etc.? Is that because the FDA has yet to do studies…its not the fault of the patients that the FDA or the AMA or whomever has not researched enough to provide viable options for patients. There is a lot of honest, well documented studies out there, so what is the real issue here? There are so many questions that could have been addressed…I'm not trying to 'throw shade' on the report or reporter but just because its a 2 minute segment doesn't mean you can't do some serious journalism. Many of these news reports are just basically 'tag line' pieces. Its not informative in any way more than 'here is what one guy said aaaand here is what some other guy said on the subject.' Seriously, don't just report blurbs…work on some honest insight. P.S. LEGALIZE IT!…no, just kidding…I'm not that lunatic…but please do give some depth to the subjects you are reporting.

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