⏰Rewind Trading: #1 Way To Practice & Backtest 🕰

Charlie introduces Rewind Trading which is his #1 tool for practicing and backtesting strategies. This is extremely useful for those who are looking to learn new …


  1. I watch your videos and I like your style of teaching.
    And I always like the Video!
    You taught me where to Scout pharmacy stocks.
    You call out some good trades.
    Education with a little humor!
    With that being said
    Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of a young Jay Leno.

  2. Your information is really effective, can u try hard to show more futures trading how to sell how to buy how to stop loss  in  platform  maybe on think or swim or other platforms  you seem to be very intelligent   are u majoring in finance in college  of California thank u for your valuable time    WARM AOHA   I enjoy your video with LIKES

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