WHY Exercise is so Underrated (Brain Power & Movement Link)

Exercise is good for the heart and makes you look good. However, there are much more compelling reasons to exercise regularly. △Patreon: …


  1. i dont understand how cortisol levels go down and stay down for the rest of the day. i read that cortisol levels are highest in the mornings,, but since exercise increases cortisol, i fail to see how exercise somehow can reduce it, what is the mechanism that causes cortisol to reduce? how does the body know when to lower cortisol levels? what is 'sufficient effort'?

    also read that endurance athletes are exposed to higher cortisol levels for longer periods of time, and that interval training done with too short of recovery jacks up cortisol

  2. Sit in the chair, up five min, sit in the chair, eight hours, sit on the bus, sit and do your homework, sit and watch screen, sit in car, sit in cubicle, sit, sit, sit, shi…….life🤣

  3. Been on antidepressants my entire adult life. Almost a year of consistent exercise and eating clean has allowed me to stop my antidepressant and just deal with my problems at hand.

  4. I completely agree with him. My performance dropped dramatically ever since I stopped meditation and work out due to my father's illness. Now I again started incorporating these two and I ve been managing my career and my dad's hospital visit.

  5. Force of will, that is even MORE under-rated than exercising. What's the point on wanting to exercise or do anything if you don't have the will to even start and being constant with it? There should be a video about will power.

  6. Excellent video. I started exercising two years ago because i reached a point where i couldnt bear to be in my skin, physically and mentally. I have been trapped in a cycle of depression, anxiety, unproductivity, compulsive eating and oversleeping. I started exercising first to lose weight but was soon astonished to discover that losing weight was the least magical part of it. Everytime i worked out, it felt like i took a pill and transformed into this cheerful, motivated, optimistic and productive person that i didn't think i could be. I tried it again and again, even in my lousiest training days the mental result was astonishing. Gym became my escape, i went 6 t'imes a week every week, made friends, pushed myself harder everytime. I was seeing my body getting ripped, but i wasnt even doing it for that. I did It because for the first time in years i felt alive and in control. I've never been depressed ever since. Even after i stopped working out for a year, i kept my shape. Now everytime i fall into a hole, i know there is a way out. I start an exercice routine and focus only on that, knowing that everything else will sort itself out in result.

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