What We Eat in a Week- Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas for Family

This week I am sharing what we eat in a week for lunch, here at the farmhouse. I have seven healthy lunch ideas for family. With homemade sourdough tortillas, …


  1. Do your little kids eat all of these meals? You are lucky if they do! How in the world do I give things like this to my picky eaters. I have a 1 yo to a 7 yo (5 littles) no way would they eat this. I really NEED to know HOW to get them eating these types of meals

  2. Do your kids eat lettuce, greens and veggies? If so, good for you! Wonderful meals that require a lot of chopping and prep time. Do you homeschool your kids on top of all of this?? You have a lot of energy

  3. I LOVE your meals videos! It's wonderful to see how easy it can be to put together wholesome meals that also look very economical. I make homemade ranch but I guess I tend to make it a little complicated. Mayo and a bit of heavy cream? Easy!

  4. I’ve your channel! I also feel the same way about meal planning like you mentioned on your other video. This makes it seem so easy! Another lunch I send with my kids is organic peanut butter with carrot sticks or chips to dip in. Homemade muffins. And raisins

  5. I also love Mexican food. I love Mexican salad. It's my version of the last dish in your video. I throw chicken breasts or thighs from the freezer into my InstantPot along with a jar of salsa (you may need more than one if you're making a full pot, but I'm just meal prepping for me for a few days at a time) then set it to Poultry for 15 minutes. Naturally release the meat and shred. In the meantime I shred greenleaf lettuce, make a quick veggie sauté or roast – julienned bell peppers and onions, make guacamole and chop cilantro. Then when I'm ready to eat, I just put it all together in a plate and enjoy. I'm dairy free, but cheese does go well on this if you like that. You can also add rice and/or beans to bulk it up. The salsa the chicken was cooked in helps dress the salad too. For what I don't finish, I either portion jar salad style or pack in bulk by ingredient and plate as needed.

  6. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the tortilla recipe. I’ve been making them every single day and feeding them to my family up to 4 times a day. We like egg tacos for breakfast. Ham and cheese pinwheels get packed into the lunchboxes. We will have Mexican food or even just a warm tortilla on the side with dinner and slathered honey or butter with cinnamon sugar for dessert. And yes, I’ve got my ball of tortilla dough on standby for dinner tonight – steak and veggie quesadillas with homemade refried beans.

  7. I'm watching this video, its 10 pm. Getting hungry, all the food ideas looks so delicious…… Yummmmmmmmy!, I honestly stopped the video and headed to the kitchen. Took out some turkey and cheese slices, rolled 3 of them up and had a quick late night snack. Now I'm back getting some more ideas from your video to make my weekly meal planning before going shopping for groceries tomorrow.

    Thanks for so many great dishes!

  8. A tip…bite sized fruits and veg with bite sized meat and cheese…some pretzels or tortilla chips. All jumbled up on a platter in the middle of the table with toothpicks as silverware….kids love this! Its great as a picnic or poolside or on a field trip. Just bite sized balanced platter of your family's fav foods….nutritional balance…color balance. Enjoy!

  9. those look great! I homeschool as well so that would be awesome to make, it looks super easy. I am a vegetarian but my kiddos are not so I could do these things for them and it looks like it can be done pretty fast. I have made pita pizzas before but that is not as fancy as these recipes.

  10. Love your ideas! My kids are still little so I often just make a large breakfast and dinner, but they only have a snack for "lunch". If I'm hungry I'll usually just eat dinner leftovers.

  11. I'm veggie and gluten free, but this still gave me some amazing Ideas!

    If I'm doing packable lunches, I tend to use a couple of clip-lock containers and do an "all in one" meal like Chilli with rice or a homemade curry (I make the sauce base myself and freeze it in batches!) or some more inventive sandwiches (Goats cheese, caramelised onion and mushroom is a good one, as is Chilli Jam, brie and rocket!) . I've just discovered the wonders of wax-cloth, so I can wrap my sandwiches without them sweating now! <3

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