The Dangers Of Prozac!πŸ’Š #headpressure #anxiety

I know this could be a controversial video, but if you do have something to say… please watch the full video as I support both sides of the drug. This drug is not …


  1. Been on it for months and months – I’ve taken myself off them cuz they make me trip when I smoke weed. That’s the only reason I’ve stopped – for the first few weeks of taking them they made me sick and hallucinate pretty bad. Don’t suggest taking them – the fuck up your highs as well

  2. i`m 5 years in on prozac, 30mg a day for 5 years, it sends me crazy when i imagine comming off them, i would like to kick them but i`ve tried it before and my life went very wrong real quick, i could manage 2 days without it but that was it, the withdrwls hit me like a sledge hammer, the weird dreams, the heaviness, the tiredness, the aches, it even effects around my my eyes and skin, as i say i can manage 2 days without them, then i feel like death, but i also take 500mg lyrica aswell every day so that could be adding to it, sometimes i wish i never started them, but my life was a complete mess so i needed something.. my life has been a complete shithole since i was a kid and i`m in my 40s now, my life has been a total waste.

  3. How long did you have withdrawal symptoms for after stopping? I was on 20mg for 10 days. Stopped cold turkey 18 days ago and I think I'm still feeling some of the effects.

  4. Hello. Am watching this while taking shit. I cold Turkey after 3years. Shit IS unreal. First 3months was hell. Existencial Dpdr fears . Btw ppl who prescribe IT dont know shit. Telling me that ssri dont have widthdraval lol. But they never took it

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