Teenage Drug Overdose, Brain Damage A MCAOTV (Documentary)

Jeremiah McKee was a normal teenager who made a bad decision that changed his life forever. He overdosed on drugs, didn’t receive prompt medical attention …


  1. What a life they all have to lead now. So sad. If his friends would have got him help this possibly wouldn’t have been the outcome. PLEASE IF ANYONE OVERDOSES ON ANY TYPE OF DRUG, CALL 911 immediately. Also, when possible have narcan available. It could save you or someone you know’s life!

  2. He had ADHD because when they went camping he didn't sit down and wanted to explore nature? Kids are curious and hyperactive it's how they learn. How are we diagnosing what people do naturally as ADHD? They'll find a dang pill for anything…

  3. They heard him gurgle at 4:30 in the  morning why couldn't you boys get your friend help. Poor Jeremiah. I wonder how he is today. What a sin. I pray for him and his parents. I try to always pray for all of us. I pray for me

  4. These stories always get to me… I feel so bad for them all the way around. And it reminds me, that could have been me!! I actually did get brain damage when getting high, but that was because I was trying to buy from someone who attacked me. But I'm more than functional ++ but even though very serious indeed.. It could have been much worse like his! Poor kid❤❤❤

  5. Not just a warning about drugs/alcohol, but a lesson in making sure you've got friends that 'got your back'…sincerely hope your recovery is forthcoming, Jeremiah. Thanks for sharing his story, Sentiment E.
    Much love. Take care👋

  6. Thats pretty rough for the parents. I think about myself as a teen and how lucky I am that im not dead or a vegetable I took some unbelievable chances with my life its funny to bullshit with my friends but at the time I had no idea how dangerous it was.

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