Study Says Cannabis-Related Hospital Visits Are On the Rise In Colorado

Researchers at the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital say that there have been 9973 cannabis-related emergency room visits at their hospital between …


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  2. ☝️ how many people go to the hospital because of alcohol 🍺?
    ✌🏽 how many people successfully used cannabis in the same time period?

    Dumb/ignorant people will harm themselves one way or another. It can’t be stopped. Education can lessen it.

  3. The thing is, there are all sorts of hospitalizations associated with alcohol use as well. And it was legalized because people were going to drink with or without the approval of the government. The same thing goes for pot. People just need to take time to learn about what they are doing to make informed decisions, in the exact same way that people need to make informed decisions about alcohol consumption.

  4. That’s because of inexperienced cannabis users not heeding the advice of the dispensaries. Visits are surely limited to the paranoia of first time users, or people wanting to reconnect with their teenage years.

  5. It's amazing how people will completely not accept that some people might have a bad reaction to cannabis. I do. I am not against people who use it. I am for legalization – but with anything. ANYTHING….there can be bad reactions. Obviously as the amount of users go up, there will be more people who have bad reactions. If you're willing to accept that some people can't eat strawberries but insist EVERYONE can have cannabis, you might have a pot problem.

  6. Did any of those visits require any treatment other than a doctor calming them down and telling them they're fine? I'm sure they didn't even have to use as much as a saline drip on those people lol. Just have easy to use CBD drop to bring them down a bit

  7. Dosing using cannabis, is a problem. The biggest problem is that the plant has not been studied as much as other medicines. While I am not a proponent of recreational use. I am very much for the use of cannabis for medical uses especially for pain control. If the government or other bodies that can study marijuana and better determine how to handle the dosing of the product will go a long way.

  8. Did any of these ER visits result in serious medical problems for the people that had simple anxiety attacks? Why do I get the feeling that the answer is no? That was propaganda. By not stating what those medical conditions were and what the outcome was, that didn't tell me anything. All it was was people that used a little too much cannabis and panicked.There was absolutely nothing wrong with them and they did not have to go to the ER at all.
    Propaganda. I've been using cannabis for 40 years. Save your bullshit for people that don't know any better. Goodbye.

  9. That's it. I'm unsubscribing. The last two days this channel has produce nothing but BS. If I want to feel scared in America I would watch Fox or cnn

  10. I used to think NYS program was a joke. It is too expensive but their low dose methods work. Flower is too high in MG. People don’t realize they’re getting up to 1000mg in a gram. That’s too much.

    Just like anything? Moderation is key. And I’m sure some shady dispensaries and growers in CO are still leaving fertilizer and other garbage in their stuff. Clean it up CO! You were the guiding light! Fix it!

  11. I mean regardless of how you feel about legalization I think it's always good to have comprehensive studies examining the benefits and negative repercussions.

    I'm just disappointed that this video didn't go into as much detail.

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