1. I’m the city I live in (I’m from the uk) this shit has literally caused so many homeless people In the city centre it turns people psychotic and there is numerous deaths in the area I live stay away from this shit

  2. Spice goes back to even late 2000s. I remember doing it once in awhile in high school when real herb wasn't available.

    I thought the effects were okay in my opinion. there was much more euphoria with real thc weed. Fake cannabonoids in spice made me feel more speedy and paranoid. I felt like I was nervous super vigilant and just plain wacko. I didn't really enjoy the effects but it was interesting to say the least. I wouldn't smoke more then 2 small bowl packs. the effects were much shorter as well.it usually only lasted for about an hour maybe and hour +30mins. when I did it I knew what I was doing. I realized it was research chemicals sprayed onto random flowers popourri . At the time I didn't care and I knew there was all ready potential danger. It was definitely reckless and I could have had some bad health effects but I thought I knew what I was doing because I was carefull enough.

    overall it was risky either way for me to smoke real weed or fake weed for two diffrent reasons. it was either for legal reasons or for health reasons. At the time when I was 16 17, I didn't care about either so I did both.

  3. I've learned to never accept shaky weed now that I'm moving away from being a newb if plug sells shake at all move on man there's great medical grade shit out there it's worth the search to find a good plug can't believe how much i was ripped off as a newb and sold not even mids

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