1. I was at that party MC is talking about, thrown by the Players Association.  Snoop performed at it (DC Armory). 2001.. Met Mark Cuban at the bar with Dirk and Steve Nash. Dr. j and George Gervin was in the back…coolin  Great night/weekend.  AI and Marbury led the east back from behind for the W.

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  3. SnoopDogg too Dumb to realize he look like a crackhead, like one step above flava flav on da real tho. I'll knock his bitch ass out on da real tho. Crying like a bitch about politics little racist bitch on the real tho.
    Snoop Dogg turned into a doberman in his music video….get real bitch everybody laughin. You less than a poodle fuckin studio gangsta ass pussy neva been in a fight, get rolled if you did on the REAL tho.

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