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  1. Organic Growing is the best way to grow example of this is a no till method with all natural ingredients.

    You must remember that you need 16 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness so the plant can rest I use 24 hour light when i veg this is highly stressful on a plant but you can use a T5 light for vegetation stage. First thing you need to understand is not to over water the plant also you should water ever 3 days I started out with a water bottle 16 oz every 3 days to a week to start in the
    baby stage of your plants life you are not wanting to stress it out by over watering This is the most critical time of your plants life and you should not give it any nutrients. There are no till systems
    I would not recommend that to a inexperienced grower. What your plant needs is ph water of 6.5 to 6.8 you can use all natural things for this for example white vinegar will lower your PH and Baking Soda just a pinch will raise you Ph The ideal goring environment is about 68 – 75 F to hot above 80 F will kill your plants and to cold will stunt there growth.

    Now we have Ph out of the way now comes the question of how are you going to grow? are you going to grow in Hydroponics? or Soil ? The difference is you can water the plant and it can filter things out by the soil and this if you plant in pots you should do so with 1 gallon pots to start this should take you all the way to the vegetative state where you make up your mind on how large you would like since I am thinking your a new grower lets take it slow and say you are growing in 1 gal pots with potting soil. The first thing you should do is understand this plant if you want to get the most yield from it will take some training and the first training starts once there has been 5 nodes up and you pinch the very top flower off by doing this taking its newest growth off you will see the plant sprout 2 new branches there is also the other method where you only cut off half of the top growth this again will do the same thing allow for two new branches to come out. Once this happens and you again get 3 or 4 nodes up you can do these tops the same way 2 becomes 4 four can become 8 but this is really pushing the stress level of the plant. So lets say you stopped at 4. It is a good idea to make a note of when the plant has come out of the ground you see the first 2 months of a cannabis plant are its time for growth the first month and a half you should study on the plants behaviors A plant can tell you a lot if you know what to look for for example you now have 4 nodes there getting big and the plant should be about 24 to 36 inches and you want to put it into flower when you get about 2 months old but you should first a week before you put this plants into flower now would be a good time to take your clones. You do this by fining lower branches that you can go 3 to 4 noes down from the plants end and cut at a 45 degree angle place these cuttings into water so you do not get air into the plants stem later we can put rooting agent on these place them under
    lights once they have grown roots..I know what your thinking your taking clones before you know the sex of the plants? The answer is Yes I will explain in a moment. Now that you have all this down now is the time to clean up the inside leaves I use these as a said they are very tasty just the large leaves so light can penetrate the middle of the plant you do this a week before you put the plant into flower Now of course once your plant does get a month or so old or when you first do your topping this is a great time to give your plant a little bit of food. Nutrients You can do this a few different ways you can use worm castings and black strap molasses and 1/2 teaspoon of Epson salt put this in a bucket and get you a air pump with a air stone at the end and bubble it for 24 hours this tea is fantastic for all of your plants in your garden water with this being sure to check the PH and adjust it if you need to. Or you can just give it a little bit of GROW 1/2 tsb and a full tbs of calmag mixed in 1 gal of ph'd water give this to your plant once every 3 or 4 days a bottle with a hole in the cap works well as a drip system but you have to make sure your plant is being watered. So we have covered some of the basics watering pruning and topping the plant to get it ready for flowering and clones for the next harvest.
    The very next thing is to put this plant into flower but before we do that I talked about behaviors of the plant and i think now is a good time to understand what the problems you may see By watching the plant daily you can understand its needs by its behavior example yellowing of the leaves does not mean bugs it could mean starvation if it is not getting the right nutrients. Curled ends folding under the plant means the plant is hungry where tips of the plants that turn yellow means you gave it to much nutrients and it is dehydrated sometimes out of know where you will see the plants life start to fade before your eyes it was just fine a day ago now the leaves are turning yellow the under side of the leafs show no spider mites So what in the Hell is going on…yep you got a big issue Thrips nasty little boogers that like to feed on your plants roots I have found the best way to war these bugs off it to use a none sweet all natural Cinnamon sprinkle on the soil and be sure to cover it well when they come up and get it on them it will kill them kind of looks like a millipede but translucent as long as you keep a clean environment you should not have mite issues but you never know they are a pain and if you see them under the leafs you can try a none toxic all natural soap spray with a spray bottle if you need to get them under control and you have have 6 plants for example then lady bugs are a great alternative. what ever you use if you use all natural or other chemicals to grow like flora grow flora bloom and flora micro for example and cal mag is natural so you should be ok with the use of it lets say you got every thing ready to go into flower you have been using a low dose water 12/ grow 1 tbsp Clamag and now your ready to bring it to full strength based on how much water you plan to give it example 1 full tbs and 2 tbs of calmag is plenty of food until you get ready to flower and you change to flora micro 1 tbs and 1 tbs flora bloom and 1 tbs of silica you should only give this to your plant 1 time a month you can add some bud candy or a mix of black molasses to this but you should make sure it is well devolved before you give it to the plant. Now we are ready to go into flower and you change your lights to 12/12 and you have given them there first dose of food if you are using LED you may have to give them calmag as well for the first month of the flowering cycle they seem to have a need for it you can tell this by looking at the stem if it has stripes it needs calmag. This is because the light really makes it use it so maybe a half tbs to a tbs would work depending on the need of the plant. So in about a week you will start to see the sex of the plant the clix on the side of the branches will start to show you the sex of the plant.
    This is what a female plant looks like notice the white hairs coming out of the plant this is a true blue female.

    Now these balls you see here are what produce seed this is not what we want because when they produce seed they stop producing the Buds and spend more time producing seeds this hurts the quality of the plants THC level so this is why we will kill male plants in our garden unless we are breeding them with another strain of plant.

    So now we understand about sexting the plant and why we take clones of course if there male we will kill the plant and the clones if they are male of course we want all female plants these are the ones that will grow nice big buds if your going to add additives like the Big Bud and Supper Thrive you must always remember that this plant can take longer then 4 months deepening on the strain
    after you get about 3 weeks into the budding your plants should be looking well nice and healthy this is when you are going to go threw the plant once again and remove the bottom leaves and stems that are just showing little growth that is not getting light and is taking away from the tops growth your going to remove big fan leaves so the light can penetrate the plant more and again use these leaves in a nice salad or juice them there high in vitamins and very good for you. as you see the time begin to change in the plant and the white hairs will turn a reddish or brown and you will see the plants leaves and buds start to form white heads.

    These are what you want to keep a eye on when you see they are cloudy they are not ready you want them about 50/50 white clear and healthy and a few that are turning brown now is the time to flush the plant and give the plant just water for the last two weeks of its life this flushing will make sure the smoke is very clean the ash will burn white you will not have to keep relighting it over and over and over and over its so annoying when the growers don't take time to use this simple method and it us clean and pesticide free and hopefully you did not have any issues.

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