Picking your Wax 201 (Part 2 Conventional Waxes)

More Wax! Sorry about the changing sound and video quality in this video! This Videos Music: produced 2018, with Steinberg Cubase 8.5 and EastWest …


  1. For those wondering why you can't use wax to seal and mail now – modern sorting for standard envelope sizes are processed and scanned by machines, stacked and run through various rollers and do not like or react well to chunks of wax breaking off and getting stuck to components/other letters.

  2. I have a question….

    So could people sell pre-made wax seals ; and sell them online

    Only reason asking becuase I might be starting a esty shop so I was think of stuf to sell

  3. Hey Deets! I’m a fan from TikTok but you actually appeared in my recommendations on YouTube! (WOOPWOOP) and I was just wondering, what do you use to edit your videos? (Sound fx, text in the video, time lapse, etc.) do you do it all on a computer?

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