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  1. My comment style is different from other people I put my story in I can't make imaginary comment my brain ain't that smart. So here it comes. And if anyone doesn't like what I write just tell me I'll delete my view.
    Drugs OK what about them. Hmm. I got a heroin addict cousin last time I saw him it was in 2002 he was 55 years old he was chained up in home he couldn't come back to being sober. An elderly politician of party I work for his son used to be in drugs. He had depression. His mom was a great Bollywood movie actress she died while giving birth to him. He never met his mom but loves her more than we would. Now he is sober got married just last year with a hot girl I started to follow him on instagram yesterday he posts his movie shooting video & exercise videos.
    Pete is saying after being sober day is long. I don't know my days are quite small. Sometimes I wake up 7,8 am I got alarm of 9:30am . If I wake up early I check all new posts in my phone. Then at 9:30 I start making breakfast for my dad & me. I got sugar problem I need to eat sugar in start of my day or I'll just fell down go faint then I eat something with salt or flakes I also got low blood pressure.
    Then I have to listen news on TV if something happened as a supporter of a political party I have to know what is happening in world. Then maid boy 12 age kid comes to clean up the house do dishes laundry. I had a motorcycle accident 3 months ago bike threw me in air I landed 4 feet in middle of traffic since then my dad got this house maid boy for my body is not doing good. I travel via public transport so bike came out of no where & pulled the s** out of me. I do all outside works like paying bills they all come in 15 days distance from each other. They take half month. Food shopping I do if religion festival comes you have to buy new clothes or neighbours will say things. My next door girl 7th grade Hindi free of charge I teach her she can call me anytime during accident time her mom rubbed oil on my whole injured body my head to legs all back side of body turned blue. My mom died long ago. I won't take off clothes in front of step mom even if she were nice to me. So thanks to me I've been teaching her daughter since 2 years in return she made me stand by rubbing me pain relief oil.
    Oh I cook food. I've to watch after noon news on TV I've to read all posts in my phone & comment on them. My boss is 2nd most trolled politician in India 1st one is boss of me and my boss. So in middle of my boss & trolls there is only one person standing that's me. I'm not proud of my self but I am doing what is in my power.
    Before the accident I used to take care of house. Since 1995 the year my dad brought his 2nd wife. She won't go to bank to pay bill. I remember I used to wake up 6 am take milk from milk man then get ready for school make my breakfast van used to come 7:30am to take me to school. During bored exams school collage university step mom never cooked food I used to eat from hotel & then go to give exams. In normal days used to go to tuition after school come back 8pm & if she cooked something eat it.
    In university time I had to go to hostel it was most teaching time in life. 400 hostel mate girls 6 male cooks stand in line to get 3 times food if you are late you might sleep hungry. Pocket money was very less. Food was less. 1st night in hostel I was raged for I was 1st year post graduation. All night I had to sing songs take off my shirt & stand on stool in bra so girls could make fun of me. Collage university is not a fun place as shown in movies. My room was changed 5 times. Once I went to get food in kitchen with my zipper opened. In holy month of Ramadan we had to get up 3 am in morning to take breakfast.
    Now I'm planning to go university again but day fly's away yet I have to pull out time to read.
    I eat sleeping pills I can't sleep without it. Childhood sickness. I'm addicted to it. I have a dream catcher as wall paper in my phone because I see dreams they are so long scary sometimes I wake up sweating in winter. My dreams are like daily soap if I wake up & go back to sleep it will start again. In my childhood there was no 24 hour TV. Since TV became coloured & start to stream 24 hour when I wake up in middle of night I watch TV. Now I got this smart phone since December 2016 so I open twitter, YouTube start writing answers to posts & I don't go to sleep again if I'm scared out of my sorts. My comment is just as fan of Pete.

  2. Dude was doin dope…i smoked weed for YEARS and stopped and never sweat like that……i also shot dope for 2 years and thats exactly what the symtoms are when youre detoxing….n the fact he was mia……..dope

  3. I suffer from BPD as well and let me tell you, weed was hell for me. Most of people underestimate the psychedelic effect of weed and for someone who suffers from BPD weed makes you feel paranoid, depressed, anxious, not to mention psychotic/euforic episodes once in a while. I used to have full on panic attacks in public when I was high on weed. To the point of passing out in public toilets floors like a goddamn crackhead. Also, the combination of weed, psychedelics and mental illness is pretty fucked up. I can't even imagine the psychologic damage Pete was going through. Weed can be damaging to some people, weed's not for everyone, especially those with mental illness.

  4. you guys realize he probably has an agreement with his snl contract not to disclose history of hard drug use. people are fine with a stoner. but he's from staten island and also lost his father on 9/11. don't give him hate for using "weed and shrooms" instead of bars and opiates. he's still on TV.

  5. Man, I need 5 mins with this kid before something bad happens. Those bad shroom trips give you ptsd then they med you. The meds mimic the symptoms and now you’re stuck on legal dope.

  6. Moral of the story humans are creatures of habit period. So before you judge try to stop what you’re doing for 7 days. Any habit – phone, sex, shopping, weed, carbs whatever – anything you itch for you should really look into.

  7. Yea…. Ive been going to school in Baltimore for the past 7 years and I pass coke heads, opiiod heads, meth heads, and heroine heads everyday. All of my friends are pot heads. That boy right there is not a lot head. He's on some hard stuff lolol people are sorta gullible. Especially with the money has, he's def battling heroine or Coke or opiod… Probably all of it

  8. How wasted is the older guy in the gray shirt and hat? He's crying with laughter over "How 'bout that Trump guy"? Not sure if he's kissing Pete's ass or just burned a Bob Marley spliff.

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