Pearl2O Cannabis Water – Leafly Reviews

On today’s Leafly Review, Ben and Will try Pearl2O, a cannabis-infused water that doesn’t taste like cannabis. Yes, Pearl2O is completely flavorless—but in a …


  1. Hell yeah! Thank you leafly! Food, cannabis, and hot guys! All grasscity gives us is some Down syndrome tard face that tries way too hard to be unsuccessfully sexy.

  2. I would like to look up recipe but I would've rather been able to watch it on here but this is the first time I thought the idea looks good but I will not Watch the video all the way through becauseThese two dudes suck and to you guys if it was supposed to just be funny my bad I didn't think it was funny why would you get your face stupid hot before you put it doesn't matter when I seen the video soup to dumpsters that I don't have the patience to listen to I know I'm stupid Stoter to but I try stay at home and not add to are dumb City stoner stereotype shit

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