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    Buy Medical and Recreational Marijuana from California Dispensary Growers (Edibles, Cartridges, Concentrates, Flowers, Vape Pens, Dank Vapes, Exotic Carts, Mario Carts, KingPens, PreRolls, Backwoods, Stiiizy, CBD/THC Products, Wax Oil)

  2. Hey man love you show. I was wondering can I possibly use your sprout tea's in a indoor environment? Also I'm getting a new indoor grow environment set up and would like some advice on a couple seed breeder's you think would be a good for first time grower? Thanks again for the knowledge. Happy growing

  3. Im growing their slurricane right now and let me say this about it…. MOTHER FUCKIN SICK AS PHUCK! SERIOUSLY you will love it! Check out bubba cookies. They will send you free samples of firestarter and supertron, both of which im also loving!

  4. 250$s for a pack of sluricane, Damn… I want to tell everyone who dislikes youtube and any corporate sites. Look into blockchain or steem, and other tech companies building decentralized platflorms using blockchain. There is an entire community building tech that will disrupt evrything.

  5. I got my seeds from NSB. 100% seeds popped . I’m happy rn . Glad u found them. Inhouse genetics seeds are fire I wanna get some platinum dolato or the slurricane ! Mega fire 🔥

  6. Kaligrown Mann not being disrespectful or an asshole or anything but I am just a little curious about what happened to your left index finger? If you don’t wanna talk about it not a problem I totally understand. I am gonna throw a guess out there that you held a m80 too long🤔

  7. My seed started off with Mexican tie i mixed it with Piney flavor og Kush Lambs bread AK-47 skunk William Tell Barry Hines all those are mixed up to make d a h Sonoma that's my strain

  8. When I give you a thumbs-up do you know that I gave you the thumbs up or you just get an extra number how's that work great YouTube probably shouldn't leave your your seeds out of YouTube and just do the grow lock on Scottish priest hey man I meant to say goddess priest Rock on

  9. Growme, your the man, thanks for the seed bank info, i just ordered and i did drop your name. Now lets wait and see how it comes out. Thanks Bro ps: your show is bomb !

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