Growers Episode 8 – Black Diamond

A multimillion-dollar automated growing system is at the heart of this futuristic cannabis grow operation. Meet CEO Andrew Lange and head cultivator Seth …


  1. I love how contamination and infestation are the most feared elements of big grows yet every retard construction worker is wearing their dirty construction footwear and work clothes while in the final stages of gmp type rooms. Great way to start with unforeseen issues.

  2. This is the most awesome thing from an engineering standpoint, and from an agricultural perspective also. Pretty soon people are going to realize that humans can denaturize anything. I get that people say this is not what growing is about, but those people are just dumb. Humans are intelligent creatures that can utilize any part of the earth. If only we used our powers for good.

  3. like seriously. who would ever run gh nutrients while not beeing a complete noob? like u freaking kidding me?
    like if u do not wanna digg deep into it just go with advanced or botanicare wich are both quiet good for comercial speicaly compared to hg … like no fucking way u use hg without beeing a scrub getting into the game running your first time grow and u only bought that rap because it was advertised to you

  4. Oh man..what has become of that plant? It was an innocent weed now its going to be sold by humans forever. Lol. Just a thought better forget it fast 😉

  5. Not too fond of the dudes GH shirt that oddly resembles the “Don’t Tread on Me”. Keep it simple also man, you guys do too much. It’s a plant that doesn’t need to be babied

  6. And hydroponic is so stupid it's so laborious with so many variables and so many things can go wrong it's just really stupid for a business you should try to recreate Mother Nature so that you can control all the variables

  7. Too bad those who fought and bled and sweat and charge by the police to get legalization this far are being systematically blocked or priced or legislated out of business ownership by wealthy white color corporations or politically-connected business owners. The very people that got all this started are being pushed out of the business by wealthy people who don't know anything about it and are just in it for the greed. Corporations and businesses will not grow rare strains or lightweight plants they're only going to grow the big heavy stuff. That's why I will never give up any of my strange that took me years to develop and their proprietary to me

  8. All the plant wants to do is reproduce so when you put a male plant in the middle of the room with his nuts X cut off they swell the buds up huge and they completely cover themselves in trichomes in an attempt to catch pollen and reproduce. We learned how to take science and use the plant against itself so we don't have to use chemicals or harsh techniques we use the plant so Natural Instincts

  9. We invented a technique that no one else does or uses we put a male plant with his nut sacks cut off in the middle of the room for the last week or so of flush and we get a 40 to 50% increase in trichomes and dried weight

  10. While the tech side of me loves this… I think having a work force would help out alot more people rather than just having automated systems do most the work… which means less jobs for people… I wanna see this create more jobs and help people lifes become better not the 10% getting rich….

  11. All that fancy equipment and they grow hydro and flora bloom😂😂 you can't grow sticky icky terpy filled weed unless you go soil and organic nutes. Yall are growing mids 😂😂

  12. At this incomplete stage of legalization where states vary with legal-risk black-market legacy "here" and high- regulation overhead costs "there", the price for cannabis is still artificially inflated, enough to accomodate this kind of grow. Eventually prices are going to normalize down to where it's more like regular farming with soil and sunshine. Greenhouse sunlit tunnels with variable coverings, rainwater harvesting, some supplemental lighting, dank myceliated compost and an ecosystem approach of companion zoology and interplanted and/or rotated plant species (including other herbs and food crops) will likely become more like that rich blend of art, intuition and science that preindustrial high level horticulture was reaching before petrochem took over. Meanwhile the best natural outdoor niches, soils and climates will co-dominate with the greenhouses but only for top quality crops. Inevitably there will be extensive low-input field crop grown like hemp, as often as not pushed by petrochem inputs insofar as cost /benefit and regulations allow, resulting in a multi-tiered system like we find in viniculture, ranging from low end to high end, not always discernable from one another in blind tests, depending on suitability of genetic matches to location and weather. Buyers will pay based on origin, practices, luck of the weather, reviews, advertising, and personal tastes, as with wines.. including a lot of generic blended output, good enough for processing into extracts and budget mass appeal. High-tech, high-input artificial grows like in this video will become artifacts of this particular era's regulatory context, better repurposed to grow food and oxygen in a lunar or mars colony situation. Or for people who are obsessively bug-phobic 😬.

  13. You cannot grow the same cannabis Jamaica does, Unless everything is exactly the same. All the way down to the bacteria found in Jamaican soul. So no, Unless you bring the microorganisms from Jamaica. These microorganisms are one of the reason out door cannabis kicks butt, Because we can now mimic sunlight with the new LED and COB LED technology. Even more efficient than HPS and MH lights, but what is one thing indoor growers still do? KILL EVERYTHING! You make sure bacteria is non existent, fungi is killed off, there are absolutely no beneficial insects and most of the time you are force feeding a plant instead of letting them decide for themselves. This over the top tech shit is ridiculous, Its cool, but as more information comes out on how cannabis interacts with its environment, This type of stuff becomes less important.

  14. Growing doesn't need to be that complicated or sophisticated. Mother nature is and always will be right. Not "technology". LEDs and hydro are the #1 ways to fail. Grow boss university bitch!😂🤘

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