Growers Episode 4 – Giving Tree Wellness Center

An Israeli Army veteran blends science with compassion to deliver a patient-first experience at this vertically-integrated dispensary. Meet Lilach Mazor Power, …


  1. This bitch can grow all this bud and have all this illegal grow shit going and I go to prison in Arizona for 3 years for a bowl of weed and a pipe!!! I can’t vote now, I can’t have a gun, I can’t travel, and I now have “less rights” than this illegal chick. Wrap your head around that one mfs. Fuck Arizona and there system!!!! Good luck not get raided Arizona fucks pot heads and praises heroin addicts and meth addicts up the wazooo! Drops mic

  2. this made me cry. I am from NJ and i am waiting for shops to open. It is nearly impossible for people here to get their card and its so unaffordable. I have PTSD and everyday is a struggle to live.

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