Growers Episode 3 – Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center

In 2009, an acupuncturist awoke from a vivid dream—years later, he’s actually living it. Meet Dr. Seth Bock, the founder and CEO of Greenleaf Compassionate …


  1. Why would anyone Greenleaf Care Center hire former cops/PIGS that has caused destruction to communities in regard to this plant cannabis!

  2. @Leafly, 7:12 – Russell Carlone, the Compliance Chief, made an interesting comment about having interacted with Greenleaf customers that he'd arrested in the past for narcotics. I'd love to see an episode focusing on former LEO and Government Enforcement officials who now work as consultants in the cannabis industry. I have to imagine making the jump from one realm to the other allows for a lot of internal dialogue for those individuals.

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