Former Pro Boxer Rashad Holloway Arrested (Part I)

This story and footage are brought to you exclusively here on Real World Police. On November 9, 2018 retired professional boxer and current professional …


  1. What can happen to a person. Theres a back story here. What occurred in his life to now break the law, he didn't wake up and say "It's Thug Life For Me" sad yes. We need to care for all folks.

  2. I can't believe America still arrest people for some weed y'all are falling back on the times. Time to Legalize It Nationwide. Get over yourselves there are actually real drugs that need to be taken off the streets weed doesn't need to be taken off the streets in fact we need lots more. Stop stealing people's weed tyrannical police.

  3. Leaving a a car containing large amounts of illegal drugs parked next to a fire hydrant with the engine running deserves a Darwin award. The "passenger" was so chill and cooperative. Looking forward to part 2.

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