1. Its funny people get butt hurt if breal reviews his own shit. Because had he not got the cut that came from florida via bubba ya'll wouldnt have the excellent genetics that are out there today. The real ones not the stepped on sorry ass excuse for genetics that alot people have and try to push off as the real mccoy. Most shops serving 20 a gram chemdawg which that name alone is retarded as fuck it's chemdog and dont even get stoned lmfao please. And he's right you smoke these things with people that have not have your friends looking at the hairs on their arms like wow!!! and asking you if its laced lol the problem lays people butt hurt over quality because its better than theirs. Show some respect from the state shaped like a mitten!!

  2. I finally tried it if is the real deal @nohos finest i liked it just how greenthumb explains it .but i prefer the real jet fuel still love that strain. Keep surprising us B .love the strain !

  3. The Mighty Vaporizer gives smokers a cleaner, healthier way of smoking. This is a good step in the right direction for smokers who look to be more health conscious. Let's start making strain reviews on this vaporizer.

  4. Northstar Hollistic in Sac, CA has the lift ticket pre-rolls of Insane OG and boooooooooiiiiii this MF takes no prisoners. Thankful to get these quality meds from SoCal in NorCal and the PFT that came with it was a nice touch.

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