1. Thanks to anyone's clips I used! (Channels in description) Leave a LIKE if you wanna see similar type videos. Got a scam story? comment it below! (LOL @ end clip)

  2. It happened to me… It was about a giveaway on the forum, I wanted to get enough cash to buy a bond so I thought why not. Lost all the cash i gather to buy the bond… Now have to work harder 😅

  3. Actually I double peoples money legit so you can't say no one will, most will scam but there are a small minority of genuine people out there too, i do it in one trade and make sure they look and everything, I've made so many people smile and they tell me how I've made their day and everything

  4. i fell for the duel arena bow one.
    guy bragged he was good with a magic bow ''winning nonstop''
    then i was like lol i can beat ur ass i got a dark bow.
    didnt realize he disabled the shield slot and he killed me with knives. i saw the knives but thought i can still whoop him with a dark bow.

  5. I'm bored, reply with your story of scammers below so I can read them later. My story: I f2p pk for years and met this dude that I always shit on for full rune. We added each other for a while (2-3) years. Until I got members, I had a nice 140m bank in 06-08. I bought d claws and pk for a bit in p2p. One day, he invited me to a team pk with his other buddies. All was good until one of his buddy 9-13 years old kept saying, "bring your d claws so we can secure kills." I thought nothing of it so I brought my d claws. They tried so hard to get my d claws by hopping early and telling me which world to set me up when I log in ( I was smart enough to not log out where they did but a few sq away, 5-10). As well as, ancient macing me during fights and saying, "fk, I missclick." I caught on after 3-4 attempts and decided to retaliate back with my own ancient mace during team fights. Behold, I smited the kid for his AGS (30-40m) at the time. In the end, I got myself a nice AGS and one less bs. As for my friend I met, he said he was planning for years to get me back for killing him so much in f2p by being my friend and bs me for a chunk of my bank when the opportunity rises. We deleted each other after that. 2-3 years of bounding down the drain over pixels and revenge. Ppl in rs are sad human beings.

  6. I watch vids of scams sometimes even though i do nto play. Runescapes seems to be filled with RATS! Not saying if you play you are a rat just saying people who scam their friends or pretend to be someones friend are rats.

  7. Scamming is so retarded, one of my clan mates trusted me with a 126m mage weapon, i held on to it for a week cause she didnt log back, could have easily sold it and make bank but that would be a dick move, she logs in i was like you bro your staff misses ya, ill fix it for you and meet you at the ge. I give her the staff back and she gives me a 20m weapon that i very much needed as a reward. I came out as a good human and reliable clan mate and got rewarded. People care too much about games and thats why a botter made 1m irl from rs. Disgusting

  8. Youre wrong about the first scam. Those high levels dont just get one trade an hour and they also dont stop after you give them 1 or 2m. Often adding those showing generosity and then proceeding to scam the victims bank. I swear ive seen some recent scammers having an absolute feast at ge adding those giving 2m. If they are willing to spare 2m they are often willing to trade more for a promised fortune. Keep your eyes out, some extremely convincing trust scammers playing atm

  9. Also tricking people to show them their bank in the safe zone in pvp worlds, once you click trade with the scammer to show him your bank, he will quickly walk out of the safe zone, making your character automatically do so as well, and a team will log in to ice barrage and snare you and quickly kill you for your entire inventory

  10. They got me on the bow scam. Had another scammer even pm me saying to use addy arrows instead bc the main scammer traded me maple bow with rune arrows. This was to just lure me even more of course. I knew they were scamming so I played along but my dumb ass didn't realize what scam they were actually doing. I didn't realize they had a blowpipe in their inventory and BOOM he unloaded it during the duel and there goes my 240m.

  11. I use to sell the training shield to noobs for a stupid high price making them think it was some rare item since you would barely see anyone with it equipped haha

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