Day 76 Autoflower Grow – I am 41 today, yay me

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  1. Is it on PS4? “37 Days to Die”. The Art looks good to me. I don’t mind you talking about it, I’m interested in designing games, I’m actually making my own music from scratch for my videos lol. I see your whole life and what your up to every once in a while when you do this videos and check them out. That’s how I found out your art when you got off Track lol. I was like wow this guy can Draw. $10,000 painting and Sold, was like Jesusssss. Keep it up

  2. game idea. A fallout game humanity sends astronauts to mars to set up a base and when they finished the radio signal is lost they head back to earth and fallout five begins :)—''' o o o

  3. Happy BDAY! i miss 41… i'm turning 49 in a week or so.. everything fucking changes at 45…. i don't even dream of being 20 again.. i dream of being 40…

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