Dabbing Hash Rosin ( 710 Labs Taste Test )

I was high as hell after this video ahahah…straight slumped !!! This is Hash Rosin from 710 Labs…I had a few grams and I really wanted to show you guys the …


  1. Bro today I got some really good ass weed and me and a couple of my buddy’s smoked a blunt fucking reeking like weed and I got 6 grams for $20 it’s fucking bomb and I got a good ass deal and I’ve been smoking for 3 yrs this year and I’m 14 in 2 months I’ll be 15 so yeah it takes me a bit to get high but this got me so much higher bc I was holding big ass hits

  2. Hell yeah that s*** seems fire when I come out to LA I'm going to try all those different types rosin hash butter shatter everything and I want you to hook me up Yola

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