Best All Natural Makeup

I have been on the quest for the best natural makeup for a few years now. These six products have quality ingredients and are fruit pigmented. This post contains …


  1. Alright, I've watched a few of your videos, and found it because of your sourdough muffins. And, I watched a couple more and almost knew your were a Christian, even though you hadn't said one Word about God or religion. There is just a certian spirit about people. So happy I found your channel and have really enjoyed the videos I've watched so far! Have a blessed day and thanks for the make up review!

  2. Hey Lisa, just wondering if you use a face moisturiser? I know you make your own body butter do you use that on your face? I have horrible skin lots of hormonal acne. Yay me!! I'm 31 and find nothing seems to work. Your skin is flawless!

  3. Lisa, thank you so much for this video. I just got the mascara from this line today from your recommendation. It is AMAZING!! My eyes felt great all day with zero irritation. Plus it smells like chocolate. I'll order more from this company. Thanks again!! 💜💜

  4. Root Pretty has great, all natural makeup and some other products that work wonderfully and for a pretty good price. I especially love their powder foundation, it works really well and you can build the coverage as you desire 🙂

  5. I live near a 100% Pure store in Berkeley. I like some of their lotions, but in general I think the branding is a bit adolescent, so I haven’t gotten into the makeup. RMS is my favorite line. I use RMS Uncoverup as a concealer and their Lip2Cheek in Diabolique and Illusive. The product in those little glass pots lasts FOREVER!

  6. I always lived in a lot of makeup. Over time I began to give more importance to some things and less to others. Then I found myself valuing more simple and natural things, including makeup. It was an internal change that eventually became outsourced. I am loving this simpler and more natural life.

    Ah, Liza, what country do you live in?

  7. Hi Lisa – thanks so much for sharing these products. Fortunately, there's a store here in Los Angeles in a mall I frequent so I will be making a visit. Wish the price-point was lower, but can't wait to see the products. I'm a breast cancer survivor, twice, praise God, so I'm pretty mindful of what products I use. I've also learned over the years that "natural" on a label can be a little deceiving. You're so right about knowing specific ingredients. Have a blessed weekend!

  8. I recently purchased Beauty Counter products to try. The mascara flaked off of my eyelashes throughout the day. I tried Physicians Formula organic wear mascara and it flaked off as well. Does the mascara from 100% Pure flake off onto your skin?

  9. I had the same journey and landed in the same place! I love 100% Pure, I finally feel safe wearing makeup. My family is big on "putting on your face," but I was never that into it, I just did what was expected of me. I wore Merle Norman makeup everyday through high school. Looking back it was way too thick for me. After I left home I tried some store makeup and learned it was aweful. I tried Mary Kay, but never really liked it. Then I found Clinique in the mall and really felt like it was better than anything I'd used before. When I became pregnant I stopped wearing makeup along with other things, I tried a few DIYs and although some household cleaners finally worked, the makeup was way too much work to formulate. I tried some natural brands that weren't really all that natural and gave up altogether for a while, but then I found out about 100% Pure and haven't looked back.

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