1. I been smoking black and mild milds (select) for years. I can't have a drink without one. I'm making the decision today to stop. I've been coughing and my chest burns and I'm tired of them now. I need my dick too…lol. Pray for me brother and I will pray for you as well. Appreciate the video!

  2. I started smoking black n milds at 17 cause everyone around me was always smoking got curious to try it. Smoked everyday for a year and then quit havent smoked for 8 months so far and havent regretted it at all

  3. Hey so it’s been a year today ? Did u stick with it or how is your journey going ? I’m trying to quit. I don’t smoke anything else only these damn jazz black n milds n I’m so over it

  4. It’s crazy cause I’m 43 and never smoked anything until I was 30 when my homeboy got me started smoking black n milds. Wine black and mild wood tip was my choice. 👌🏽Lately though, I started noticing a scaly rash on the back of my legs every time I smoke blacks and my skin always seems extra dry with pronounced fine lines for a few days after smoking. Needless to say I’ve cut back a lot over the past two years going from 5 a day back in 2010 to maybe 3 or 4 per month. Now I’m aiming at totally giving them up altogether. Anyway, best wishes with your journey to quit. I’ll take that journey with yah bro.

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