2017 Outdoor grow #3 Big Buds!

It’s time for the big colas! Thanks to everyone for checking out my channel and all who subbed I’ve subbed back if you farm. Happy growing and may we all reap …


  1. What up big homie🌲😎✌️…..I was just rewatching your videos and man you got a great looking garden. Props👏👏👏. How did that 24k and gelato end up doing when they finished? Were they bomb as fuck? I’m growing those two strains this season in 2019. How was your total yield looking too big bro? I was guessing like 20-25lbs at least.

  2. I got a purple berry soda and it is my first outside grow i am just going into flower is there any tips you can give any info would be great you can she her on my videos your garden is wicked they are so good and healthy. mm

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