1. Alternative Therapy for Pain: Fighting the Opioid Crisis

Declared a public health emergency, the opioid crisis is the most urgent of matters. Today, chronic pain is the leading cause of opioid prescription, and though …


  1. "The problem here is that those young folks are abusing the medicine bringing and creating havoc to those that really need it, I know people that have no disc, and the bones are rubbing, pinching several nerves, and others with another very bad permanent back illnesses, some people need those medicine, they maybe never going to be pain free completely, but those medications help them to move around to do theirs daily endeavors with their love ones… what you need to do is to watch those people that are only using them with out any condition, we can't make people suffer for the stupidity of young folks…………….!¡

  2. stupid weak white drug trash can't get through life without getting high. I guess having white privilege isn't good enough for you pasty dummies. Just pathetic

  3. I am one of the very few fortunate individuals who suffered for years with chronic pain and am now pain free. I had severe muscle knots and eventually resorted to potentially damaging my muscles by rolling hard on a knobbed therapy ball tearing muscle tissue to release the knots. This took two extremely painful months but the gamble was worth it. The medical community AND ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES WERE WORTHLESS. Now that I'm back on my feet I am making plans to move to Europe in case I develop another chronic pain condition in the future. The USA IS Screwed for chronic pain patients. All this opioid crap is about is risk mitigation on behalf of American medicine and about politicians making a career. It's all about the money. Neither American medicine or the American government care about overdose victims or chronic pain patients. They only care about protecting themselves.
    Eventually, hopefully soon, I will be flying out of this pathetic country for good and I will not return.

  4. I'm waiting for a spinal injection to kill the pain of degenerative disk disease and spinal arthritis. I just got hit in the face with a soccer ball and have sprained neck muscles also. I am crying it hurts so much. ABSOLUTELY NOBODY WILL GIVE ME ANYTHING! All they are worried about is their liability. I don't understand how making responsible, legitimate people suffer is going to help addicted druggers. Nobody in this country knows how to deal with our drug problems. Even the "War on Drugs" was a flop. Excuse me…I have to get ice or my neck before I cry again.

  5. Pharmacogenomics testing is not treatment for pain. It tests patients and somehow determines how they react to several different medications. Where this testing came from is news to me. My new pain management doctor does this and gave me a copy and said to show it to my other doctors. According to the results, ultra does not work, my body rejects it and eliminates it. It recommended Fentonyl and morphine, which I think is really too strong for my chronic pain. If I did take either of those, they would snow me. Bull Slllt

  6. I just want to thank politicians and the media for causing hysteria regarding opioid treatment for chronic pain. I was run over by a truck 9 years ago; I've had multiple surgeries. Because of this hysteria I have been completely cut off from my pain medications. I have never had a dirty tox screen and always took my medicine as prescribed. I was not addicted. I did not run out and get a set of works and start shooting fentynayl or heroin after I was cut off from my legal pain management. Meanwhile, the junkies are still getting their illegal fentynal vand killing themselves with it ,while the thousands of chronic pain sufferers who used their medication as directed are now in pain 24/7 because of hysteria caused by ill informed politicians and media. This country is fucked up.

  7. This is illegal Fentanyl crisis…not a prescription drug issue. Those of us with chronic pain use opioids to get out of bed, go to work and have a semi normal life.

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