Your kids might live on Mars. Here's how they'll survive | Stephen Petranek

It sounds like science fiction, but journalist Stephen Petranek considers it fact: within 20 years, humans will live on Mars. In this provocative talk, Petranek makes …


  1. I have no interest in living on that uninhabitable planet. It would be a miserable existence. If we all die due to an asteroid, so be it. This is a waste of time and resources.

  2. It would be really nice if people could enjoy the video for what it is instead of insulting the idea and saying that Elon musk is an idiot for wanting to try to something he is passionate about. If you disagree just keep it to yourself, you are not contributing anything at all if you just complain or talk about how unlikely this is to happen.

  3. Stephen, my child is allergic to iron. The high concentration of iron on the surface of Mars may cause my child to break out into song. He has spontaneous musical outbreak syndrome and to be honest he can't sing well. If my child is there with other children he may suffer from bullying due to how god awful he is at singing. The mars choir is a distinguished organization, yet this is a disguise. Deep down the Mars choir is a band of ruthless and degenerative criminals. My son is not hard enough to contend with these…… barbarians. One time they stole his shoes and forced him to walk home on a hot summers day barefoot on the hot asphalt roads. This was grounds for a lawsuit, BUT I, a patron of the arts endured the abuse to guarantee my child the chance to be in the choir. I hope when my child goes to mars this cannot happen and Stephen I don't think you took this into account.

  4. God: Hey, come on, i know my google earth reviews are bad but.
    Me: Yeah you just did nothing about it.
    God: Ill learn some engineering, im getting up now !!

  5. Will there day and night over there😂😂 , these liars need to be lock up in jail cause y’all brainwashed this society with to much lies, God created heaven and earth

  6. It would be extremely stressful to live on other planets besides earth. Unless we find planets with fresh water, trees n fresh air to breathe and be able to grow seeds in the soil. Otherwise everything we'd be eating would be fake foods and plus mars atmosphere would make some feeble, sick, stressed out, unhealthy humans beings trying to survive out of our planet.

  7. First you need to leave Flat Domed Earth lol…so nothing new below sun 😁…to get but its futile…wake up pls 😁..may Lord God Father AlMighty bless you all ❤️

  8. Nobody's going to Mars due to the fact that you can't land on a light. Nasa's "Mars" rovers small scale rc vehicles roving around on Devon Island.

    The "expert" presenter claims we're 250 million miles away from Mars when it's actually 42 million if you beLIEve Nasa's numbers. Electric cars existed already in the 1800's. They were removed from the market and the technology suppressed until the elite were able to reintroduce them under their own terms and conditions using their puppet named Muskrat.

    Nasa admittedly can't make it out of LEO, haven't been "back" to the moon in 50 years, but now they're aiming for mars by 2027? What a joke! "Going to Mars" has been on Nasa's agenda since the 70's and how much progress have they made to that end? They just keep moving the goal post and space fanboys keep buying their excuses for the delays. Nasa's latest claim is that astronauts contracting space herpes could be a big issue for long distance missions to Mars…guess that will be the next "Mars mission" delay.

    Even if you believed any of this pure rubbish, would you really want to live in a cave or lava tube breathing converted oxygen with long term untested tech, terraforming a planet from scratch?

    Wake up sleeple. Going to Mars is a pure sci-fi-lie, propagated by space agencies and their cohorts like the presenter for the sake of mass deception and extending the ongoing money grabbing agenda of all things space-related.

  9. All that we ever did was primarily for survival and 💰.
    Survival no issue , just one Pakistan, Indian will deal with it gaurenting world peace.
    💰 USA still did not figure it out

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