Why This Fox & Friends Host's Husband Filed For Divorce

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  1. Apparently another feminist goes her way then blames her career if she really wanted to save the marriage
    She could've but she didn't the rest is just speculation…

  2. She has the personality of a peanut. If she's too busy to fuck, what's the point of being with her… is probably what he thought while boning someone else.

  3. If you've noticed how many of Fox women are no longer wearing their engagement and wedding rings. These women chose career over marriage. Ainsley chose. Great Christian huh.

  4. Blondes, Female or Male, from the Diaper Up become addicted the the Overwhelming Attention they get for being just that, Blondes. It is Extremely Rare for a Relationship to last with one of them let alone a Marriage. Notice How towards the end of this clip she over does the contact with her Cohorts and she does a double contact with the Co Anchor on the Right of the Clip. They need insatiable amounts of Attention and it will be that way with anyone who enters into their Lives. Good Luck to whomever the Spouse is—-or Significant other.

  5. She considers her career more important then her family, that's why 2 divorces. Plus she's hot and knows it, looking for the perfect GOLD MINE & CELEBRITY STATUS.

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