1. In nature there are dying microbial/organic matter being broken down constantly, the by product of this is excess acids/nitrates/ionic compounds ect…This can be beneficial for plant life but also can be toxic for the plants because of the build up – mother natures way of solving this issue is simply rain. When it rains the water pushes the excess away from the roots, in a sense naturally flushing itself to get rid of this excess build up (jungles/rainforrest ect). Great explanation.

  2. I started with Jack's 3 to 1 but I was feeding to light or my control I'm going to have to do that over again but I will say that you're Jack's 3-2-1 video has changed my life for the better and I got to say a huge huge thank you I am very grateful for that.
    I'm grateful that you took the time to explain the science behind it all.
    I now use Jack's 321 Mammoth P another enzyme, photosynthesis Plus and some simple sugars and my garden has been rocking like never before I'm pulling more weight out of there by a lot than I ever did and the plants look amazing

  3. That is some A1 info man, much appreciated, I'm just learning and this is the real kinda info I have been looking for, much more of a science based approach.

  4. Is it your opinion that buds with high brix levels are of a lower quality then? I have buds with sugary sap coming out of them sometimes. I always thought I was doing something awesome.

  5. This is weird. You say that it's sugars which cause the bad taste? All I've been reading for years is that it's chlorophyll that causes bad taste and it's actually sugars that cause good taste because yellowing of leaves + curing = chlorophyll breakdown INTO SUGARS. Do you have any sources?

  6. Hi GG. Great vid and super educational. I learned the hard way how overfeeding leads to crappy tasting buds and not even a 3 week flush will get rid of sugars that are stored by the plant. I kind of liken it to how our bodies store fat in case it's ever needed, but we tend to add more fat before the reserves have had a chance to deplete lol! My question though is you say you do a 10 day flush. I read it is not good to flush coco with water that has no ec. That being said, do you flush with plain water, or do you add some nutes to given your water a litte ec? I also read that a growing medium will flush better when the water used has a little ec to it. The theory being it gives the salts something to cling to (something to do with positive and negative ions attracting or what have you.) I'm not sure if this applies much in coco. Sorry to be so long winded. Thanks again.

  7. Great content as always… especially breaking those foolish myths and presenting the science(facts). At the risk of sounding arrogant or maybe ignorant, doesn't anyone do even a little research anymore lol… hope you're well πŸ€™πŸ‘Š

  8. yea, flush is so overrated. I've done full nutes till the end and flushed. Same strain. Didn't matter. Came out the same both ways. I ususally just leave my last tank and keep adding water.

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