Wendy Williams Opens Up About Her Son's Battle With Drug Addiction

Wendy Williams isnt just a drug addiction survivor, shes also the mother of adrug addiction survivor. The daytime TV personality spoke with ET recently about …


  1. She said the changes were immediate. She’d recognize them being formerly drug addicted herself. Drugs knows NO race, religion or social background! It can happen to anyone’s child!

  2. Hey Wendy lighten up…wonder if someone had exposed your drug secrets to the public before you decide to…how would you feel leave that boy along dealing with parents like you you're lucky he isn't doing hard drugs…it's hard growing into manhood.

  3. Wendy please…I know you want to educate the world about kids and drugs please leave your son out of the public…are you doing this to take the attention away from your marital problem..come on that's not fair maybe if you wouldn't tell the world about it and give him more of your time and attention..

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