Vaping Risks – What Vaping Can Do to Your Mouth

Is vaping bad for you or are there any vaping risks? Does vaping cause cancer or other e-cig related oral health issues? If you’re an e-cigarette smoker, these …


  1. It’s so cool to see you asking questions about the topic most videos like this have big headed people that won’t take advice or receive feedback and salt nic is much worse than normal nicotine a few recent studies have shown that normal nicotine derived from tobacco is no worse than caffeine

  2. Considering the fact that Vaping is a smoking cessation tool to reduce harm. Compare it the damage of smoking instead of using your video to push your anti public health agenda.

  3. Weird. Nicotine is found ok cigs too and flavoring? Lots of candies, sugary drinks, food are full and made of artificial flavoring and colors, when you eat/drink them, they enter in contact with mouth tissues too, but nobody has said anything about it. But if is in enjuicies for vaping is harmful…interesting

  4. hello doctor ur forgetting 41 other chemicals like benzene, acetaldehyde, acetone, cadmium, chromium,diatyl, diethylene glycol, formaldehyde, isoprene, lead, nickel, nitrosonornicotine, phenol, etc. all of those chemicals are toxic, cause cancer, lung desease, irritation, infection, leukemia, and lower impulse control. instead of wasting 5 minutes on 1 chemical and talk about ur mouth, how about use 5 minutes talking about the toxicity of every other chemical in e cigs.

  5. Thanks A lot Dr. for this video, I would like to share here my experience with vaping so far actually, I switched to vaping for about a month and recently I started to notice that my gums began to be more sensitive and specially while flossing noticed bleeding much in addition I started to have a slightly pain and discomfort in mouth so I decided to stop vaping right away. currently I'm on travel and didn't have the chance to visit my dentist, but after I watched your video I convinced that what I felt it's because of vaping. Thanks again and keep up.

  6. lol if you are allergic to PG then yes vaping high PG salt nic pod crap is going to cause problems. for normal people tho it doesnt do anything. smoking was causing my oral health to spiral downwards. i was getting infections and abscesses all the time. but when i quit by switching to vaping the infections stopped and everything else that was happening to my teeth (being weakened to the point of breaking) stopped happening too. pretty strange how my experience is 100% opposed to what you are saying..

  7. You are spreading False Information! The longest term Study's prove so. Why are you saying this and is there a payment involved? Remove this Video and stop Spreading False scare tactics….I will past this on to see what legal issues are involved with this stated as Fact and clearly is not and Misleading information.

  8. How much did the government pay you for doing this video? Plus, my dentist removed a troublesome tooth recently and i asked him if it was safe to vape while the gum was healing and he told me that it was fine to vape but not fine to smoke and as I don't smoke anymore I had no problems and my dentist said he had noticed a good change in my oral health since I'd been vaping so explain that!

  9. I’m interested in getting a career in the medical field and as of right now, dentistry is starting to stick out to me. Any advice? I’m a high school freshman and I would love to shadow the field 🙂

  10. Are you trying to tell me nicotine will cause the extensive damage as in the pictures you showed? Or is it more true that nicotine causes about the same damage as a cup of coffee? Just wondering. My gums have had fully recovered since I switched to vaping.

  11. So, vaping is harmful for my mouth, yet as a 1 year vaper and ex-smoker of nearly 18 years, my dentist can clearly see improvements in my oral health since starting vaping, and has commented on this and been supportive of my vaping.

    Just goes to show the difference in opinion between someone genuinely interested in patent health, and someone like yourself who is more than likely bought and paid for to spread misinformation.

  12. Well that's weird, the Royal College of Physicians here in the UK have a completely different message about vaping and mouth health. I would rather believe a group like the RCOP in the UK who do not take "donations" from big pharma…on that matter Joseph, who is funding your practice? Is there a public list of donors? ….I'm guessing not…why? Because you, like others in your field, are paid for shills…

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