Trump’s Sahara Desert Border Wall & Marijuana for Maine Lobsters | The Daily Show

Donald Trump reportedly suggests that Spain build a border wall in Africa, two Boston Red Sox fans hold a banner hostage, and a Maine restaurant gets its …


  1. This wall thing sounds like the worst spinoff of Game Of Throne, were Trump is the male version of Cersei Lannister, and the Mexican are the wildings. George. R.R. Martin should sue Trump for stealing his story.

  2. ….Just.. disregard for a minute that Spain can't just build a wall in Africa.. and that it's moronic to even think of building a wall across an entire continent (yes the US one too)… Disregard all that. The migrants coming to Europe, don't come from the middle to bottom half of Africa!
    They come from Syria, Libya, Iraq. You know, North Africa/Middle East.. ie. On the European side of that fucking stupid wall. Jesus Christ.

  3. Do you think Trump also recommended to the Spanish foreign minister that he tell the Spanish people that Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco will pay for it?

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