Tracking Down Serbia's Danube River Pirates

VICE Serbia explores how pirates, mostly through deals made with international boat crews, illegally load off oil, ores or fertilizers that they later sell on black …


    Thanks for showing us just how pathetic it really is…. land of no soap so, the trust would be a mega dream.
    At least the pirates in Panama have better boats, tools and skill and I thought that was a 3rd world country.
    Serbia, a lost identity occupied.

  2. Znaci ti si dosao iz radijatora da snimas emisiju sa placenim pandurima koji se prave blesavi. Što ne zaplenjuju te camce na obali? Kao rade svoj posao vozaju se i dzabe trose gorivo a placaju ih isti ti pirati!

  3. This isn't piracy, it's "river robbery" according to the UN convention on maritime law – but I guess the title "Tracking down Serbia's river robbers" doesn't have that ring ring ting to it

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