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Our review of Skywalker OG Cartridge by Heavy Hitters. The “gallon jug” of cannabis cartridges, this massive vape pen attachment contains a whopping 2.2 g of …


  1. 2 months? Im from california and we smoke breakfast lunch and dinner that and that pen would last me week tops bro i kill one gram in like 4 days lol yall dont know real stoners XD

  2. Idk….. I'm on my first 1g cartridge. I had also gotten a grape ape cart…. this Skywalker og cartridge has lasted me the longest of any cart. ever….I could usually get 5 days to a week off a cart., Depending on what brand, strain…. this thing is half way, 6 days in….not bad….

  3. You’re absolutely truing leafly reputation but decides fake company’s carts. That’s another brand you buy in build empty from Asia and then fill G home with anything you want. B stop reviewing known black Marron low quality carts

  4. I'm going to try an experiment. I haven't had cannabis since 2004 which is 15 years ago. I have done a lot of drinking alcohol, and crack cocaine, but I have left marijuana alone. And I gave up smoking cigarettes 12 years ago. I went shopping yesterday and I bought a DART battery and 3 DART pods containing oil with 20% THC.

    Let's see what happens…

    I tried my first hit just now. And I'm short of breath and my arms feel really long and heavy… like my arms feel when I'm just waking up in the morning, or I am going into relaxation mode. I don't need this chemical to go into relaxation mode. I believe that this is a feeling that people get used to because they get accustomed to it. I don't need to be hooked on this again! …Because it's going to be very hard to UNHOOK myself. I am so happy when I'm natural. I can't even talk right now because my face feels heavy. This is not how I want to be. I want to be my real self. I don't need to perceive the world through THC. These cannabinoids are necessary in my endocannabinoid system (ECS) within my body. All my body needs is its own anandamide “bliss molecule” to do the things that my body needs to do. Flooding my body with artificial chemicals is making me less of a person. It's making me less of myself. It literally is slowing me down… like the stereotypes of stoners look on TV.

    It has been about 5 minutes now and my face feels heavy and my eyes feel droopy. I don't want to be this way. Nobody needs a chemical to relax. No one needs a chemical to sleep. The body has homeostasis. And that's the purpose of the ECS. I am introducing a flood of cannabinoids into my nervous system and my body is in a state of shock.

    It's been about 10 minutes. I'm glad I tried it. I'm glad I tried to feel like I used to feel when I was getting stoned every day when I was in my twenties in the 1980s. This is something I don't want to go back to. I remember how hard it was to quit. I am an addict. Anything I do, I will get addicted to.

    It's about 15 minutes now and I looked in a mirror and the whites of my eyes have pinked up. I do feel a little short of breath still… like my body is wondering "What the hell is going on?" Now I'm starting to feel very hungry. And I don't want my life to be this way. This is going to hinder my recovery. I am now going to destroy the things that I bought yesterday because this is a crime to my own self!
    …The self that I believe in.
    …The self that I love.
    …The self that I want to be happy. This is not going to make me happy… this is going to cause me to have a spike in euphoria and then the usual dysphoria later on. And the pleasure will sacrifice my happiness. Because remember, dopamine downregulates serotonin. (For the most part, dopamine creates pleasure and serotonin creates happiness.) I'm really glad I tried this today because it reminds me that the illusion of this THC "happy chemical" that everybody raves about is nothing more than the PERCEPTION that it's going to make you feel better. This is not true. This is ME talking. I don't need to have this chemical in my body to do ANYTHING! Even this writing that I'm doing right now by dictating into my phone, I'm capable of being as deep of a thinker as I want to be and as I am meant to be, without adding a chemical. There is no good purpose for inhaling this THC. I'm glad I tried it because now I can prove to myself that it's just going to become dependency for me when I run out.

    It's been about 20 minutes now and my whole mind feels foggy. This is not how I remember feeling high when I was in my twenties. I don't like this feeling now at age 55. And I know since I am an addict of alcohol and crack, and formally marijuana, I know that the likelihood that I'm going to get addicted to this again is 100%. So… what I just did, is… I took the three DART pods that I bought yesterday, and I dropped them into an almost-empty container of bleach that I had under my bathroom sink. I put the cap back on. Now even if I wanted to go vape these pods, I will not be able to because they are spoiled by the bleach. And the DART battery… I am covering it with dish detergent. (I'm not going to drop it in the bleach because the battery might explode.) Now that my three pods are rendered useless, and my DART battery is ruined, I'm going to put all this in a garbage bag and throw it in the dumpster. This is not how I want to live in the future! I do not want to go through my life with a new addiction after working so hard to get rid of the other addictions I have had, including sex addiction.

    It's about 25 minutes now and I just took the bag outside to the dumpster and threw it in. Good riddance! I don't need to go down that awful road again! I have my life today and I'm happy! ☺

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