Cannabess (Bess Byers) is a weed influencer. Not Most People finds out how she got there, the ups and downs of the cannabis industry, legalization of all drugs, …


  1. I’m anti-legalization of all uses of marijuana. Yes. I said it. And before you use the “it has medicinal benefits”, shut the hell up. Just about all plant life has some sort of “medicinal benefit” but guess why marijuana gets so much support?….because it gets you high. If it was just another naturally growing plant with no euphoric side effect nobody would give a flying fuck what it can do for you. Take your medicinal excuse and shove it up your ass. If our minds were meant to be high we wouldn’t need to constantly introduce a foreign substance into our system….it would do it on its own.

  2. Literally got so inspired by the idea of just starting and going with what you love to do and I started my own brand and now some kid is getting my artwork tattooed and I have my own street brand I’m working on so thanks for the inspiration 😭😭😭😭

  3. Weird she says "the libertarian in me.." that shit stinks of the "I only know what Joe Rogan tells me" education kids these days put out there as if they are in anyway different than the rest of the masses who like riding the sidelines and labeling everyone.

  4. This is seriously concerning, think of how you're encouraging the kids watching this. Lacroix is not safe. There have been no long-term studied of lacroix use and it's the most problematic substance on the market

  5. I feel you I used to smoke weed all the time but then it started making me paranoid as fuck I still smoked though until I had a couple panic attacks and I totally just said fuck it and quit I still miss it but not enough to smoke it again and get that crazy paranoid feeling

  6. She doesn't sound like a conservative to me, a lot of the things she says about self-regulating things and organising ourselves and not relying on others to do everything for us sounds more in line with traditional anarchist views.

    Really cool video, I don't smoke weed either bro but yeah people should be able to do what they want so long as it's not hurting anyone else. Great content as always.

  7. Definitely want to see a vlog of you two smoking weed for the first time in however long it’s been 👀 who knows it could be way different for you now after years of sobriety

  8. I'm same as you guys, non-smoker for like 4 years now, but fully support legalization, so people stop going to jail for having like 1/2 a blunt in their pocket, cause that's just crazy!!! Nice vid as always, one of the best channels on the tube, for sure for sure!! PEACE!!!

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