1. I love how he mentioned he didn’t listen to Missy and D’angelo because he had,✌🏾eclectic tastes✌🏾
    These special snowflake niggas get on my last nerve.

    You being into rock (which is a Black art form, by the way) and Anime doesn’t give you the right to be anti-Black and fall back on racist tropes. I had to google him because I didn’t know he was, and he’s still a nobody to me.

  2. Thank you for speaking the truth! As a Black Canadian please know that Daniel Caesar does NOT speak for Black Canada at all. We absolutely have major issues with racism here in Canada yet we want to run around acting as though everything is Kumbaya!! We have carding where cops can come up to you demanding to see ID with know cause! That’s the same damn thing as Stop and Frisk in the U.S.!

  3. 🤔🤔🤔🤔I must be the only person who doesn't know who this dude is. I'm only just now hearing about him because of this, so that says a lot. Also, this whole trying to make these new artist legends in these short time spans is due to this generations highly short attention span. They can only focus on these people for about a year or two MAX and that's it. That's why they act the way they do, all them hoes have bad ADD. lol

  4. This has been such an interesting discussion to read about online. Being from Canada myself, your right, racism that does happen here, and I wish Daniel was more aware to discuss that more. Examples like Jermaine Carby, Andrew Loko, Sammy Yatim- these are men who have been murdered by police in Canada. The numerous injustices currently facing our Indigenous communities (i.e. missing and murder women, access to health care, mental health, the alarming suicide rates among youth- ) it's staggering.

  5. He is Canadian? He hoping he get that Drake effect and white ppl still f with him after black ppl cancel him. For the black ppl that still f with Drake…..a whole black face photo album. C'MON. We gotta do better and weed these problematic ppl out of the culture…INCLUDING VULTURES.

  6. Before I saw him trending on twitter I had no idea who he was. I still don't. I thought he was an old gospel singer. LOL! Once I saw what he said. I was like oh a foreigner coon. I am good and left it alone. Good video.

  7. I'm disappointed in him. I don't think he's a legend by a long shot but I do think he has a skill that we don't really see very often. But I also think this is another reason we need to invest in BA male singers in the genre, not to say they can't hold these biases but they'll have some historical context

  8. I should've known he was on that white nonsense when i first saw his "get you" music video. I told my sister "there's a lot of white people in this video" and i was thinking this is some white people shit. But I liked the song and I didn't wanna be one of those people that says someone is acting white just because of what they're into/their aesthetic. Should've trusted my gut

  9. i didnt know he who was til this situation and when i saw it i immediately checked out. thats some full-blown mess and I thought we left this foolishness in 2015? Hello? We still listening to folks who love and protect racist white women??? bye lol like deadass when i saw this i was like, were still upset over this??? we still pay attention to this??? i thought we were focusing on building eachother up and working on our communities, not listening to no coons. lol.

  10. I’m not going to look for his video, but he needs to stop it! My friend and I got called N word b’s, while walking down the street – on vacation in Toronto by a whyte homeless dude. I was like, even a homeless man think he’s better than us 🤣😅🤣😂

  11. "We dont do anything" okay but when we're actually trying to do things and get shit done we're told to be quiet, we're told to stop, and we're actively blocked out of spaces for trying. Like??? Help me understand…

  12. I spot a token black friend… Even his friends around him when he made that live video gave it away. His hype man next to him must be reaping all of Daniel’s benefits the way he was acting. He needs to be educated. The absolute BS that was coming out of his mouth is disgusting. A lot of black Canadians speak like that too. Blaming black people for being so “mean” to white people and “pulling the race card”. Nah.

  13. Black men caping for white bitches comes back around like fashion. What’s funny is I literally watched your Charlamagne Trevor Noah and Malibu Barbie video the day before this story broke. It’s like you’re literally saying the same thing. That wilful ignorance is what really pisses me off dissonance is truly the best way to put it. Like NIGGA YO GOOGLE AINT BROKE

  14. My intuition always has my back. It told me not to fuck with this dude from the beginning. I didn’t know why but he never caught my attention and that happens with a lot of people who end up being GARBAGE. I don’t fuck with a lot of these new artists, actors, models, influencers until I know what they stand for. That’s why I practically live under a rock when their names are brought up. Can’t trust anybody. I always get that feeling though. It’s like spidey senses and they’re like “nope, don’t get into this person just yet or too much.” Even then, every time I praise someone and give them too much credit, they ALWAYS end up making me feel stupid.

  15. Black Americans have created jazz, blues, rock n roll, gospel, funk, soul, disco, doo wop, country, basically pop music, edm, hip hop and r&b (the genre he's profiting off of) but yet black Americans haven't done anything? A black woman literally created rock and roll and we created the whole damn music industry that he's in lol. Never underestimate the power of white validation. Also people this decade are looking hard for a legend because they want to compete with the other decades of legend status. Since this is kinda the worst decade of mainstream music.

  16. This may be "mean" & "rude" but the incessant unwarranted opinions of NonBAs about what we should and should not be doing in the face of unrelenting racism makes them not just culture vultures but CULTURE PESTS! Your unsolicited opinions of our 400+ years of oppression at the hands of the very people you want to appease is never required nor desired!

  17. If we don't do anything why didn't he stay in canada? We made our culture THE pop culture and now black ppl worlwide have to come here to make a name.

    WE did that.

  18. Lmao I barely heard the name of this fool and it’s only because the algorithm for YouTube music wants to try and suggest ashy ass music based on the broad category of “Indy” which includes Solange and jamila woods. I mean to say that black ppl don’t do nothing, and we too mean to white people. Lmao, no thank you, next. Black men who stay standing and caping for white women can continue to be cancelled cause they largely as a group stay saying this bullshit. Shoutout to Waka Flaka for telling this coon he has no basis. Also foreign blacks can stay failing and go back home when y’all wanna act like we DACS ain’t never done shit when but for us you’d never set foot in this damn country.

  19. this comment has nothing to do with the content, but…. Am I the only one that says “hey guys it’s me Seren back with another video” in unison with her every time I watch one of her videos?

  20. The woman whose name you refuse to mention lol, did an interview and she said she is Puerto Rican/Italian, and the interviewer some black guy started applauding her…i was like wtf? Why? Being Puerto Rican doesnt make you black (although there are black Puerto Ricans). She clearly aint one of them.

  21. You have been saying this…folk needzz to review your videos…..but if he researched BLACK PEOPLE listened to is stuff first and now that BLACK PEOPLE okayed it THEN and only then did OTHERS put his "music" out there…Keep shining Sensei Aishitemasu…

  22. TLC said it best:

    Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to. I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all. But I think you're moving too fast.

  23. So I’m starting to think that, besides people’s internalized anti-Blackness, BA’s threaten people’s American (Wet) Dream fantasies. That’s why so many gotta try to shut us up every five minutes. (Unless it’s time to complain about American imperialism-only then is it fine to complain lol)

  24. I've never heard of dude goofy ass (Daniel)until yesterday! I listened to Van Lathan's Podcast with murda mook explaining himself on the situation with that white girl and he needs to GTFOH too!

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