Prescription For Change: Ending America's Opioid Crisis, A (MTV) (Documentary)

2016. TV teams up with multi-platinum artist Macklemore to explore America’s opioid epidemic. Macklemore – himself a recovering addict – traveled to …


  1. I never will forget i went to the hospital for a tooth emergency. The pain was so bad i was balling like a baby. The Dr gave me Vicodin 500 MlG right in the hospital & released me 2 hours later. He said i was clear to go home knowing i had to drive a car. I nearly hit a car on the way home. The Dr gave me a script for Vicodin. After taking this drug for 2 days i damn nearly got addicted. I threw the bottle away & never touched this dangerous drug again. In all of my medical charts i have Opioids refused no matter what level of pain i'm in.

  2. The focus on the street drugs, the illegally made drugs, the heroin. Once the Federal Government steps in; it becomes the typical knee jerk reaction and yes, I agree with the person below who commented about people looking for illegal drugs on the streets to control their chronic pain. Chronic pain is not a "one size fits all issue". It's also a medical diagnosis. This is where the crisis comes in. The crisis of the Federal Government inserting themselves into private medical care.
    But, that lady who carried the girl out on her back? That's some bad a** stuff right there. That's someone who really cares about these young men and women.

  3. Something's wrong with this picture from the medical establishments perspective. I suffered a fractured radius in the 7th grade, 1987. The doctor reset my arm while I was awake, without any anesthesia, and sent me home with aspirin.

  4. NA is such brainwashing bullshit. Drilling negative things into addict's heads. Telling them they will always be powerless over a drug. If u believe and really want to get better you can do it yourself. NA is statistically a huge failure. 90% of people in it relapse. I used to go before i really had the desire to get better. It didn't work, and i met people that influenced me to do worse shit. Rehab is an even bigger joke. If you want to get better, then you have to do it on your own anyways, so why not just do it?

  5. I draw by hastings today and my illness was caling me saying? Hey!! jacek your 9 m sober and you workd hard " you know Crystal meth is a hell of drug and you can get nice buzz tonight ,

  6. Americans have it more lucky then they think, over here in Ireland we don't have anything like suboxone/subutex or vivitrol, only goddamn methadone aka liquid handcuffs for people on opiods. It's a bloody disgrace, we are a nation of addicts with little to no resources to help us, and the stigma surrounding drug use over here is shameful. I'm nearly embarrassed to call myself Irish. 🙁 BTW Hi SE"!!!!!!! Great documentary as usual 🙂

  7. Sorry, but I have to get this off my chest. It should NOT take a vast amount of "white" people overdosing and dying for the government to take appropriate action to combat this epidemic! What the hell does the color of your skin or ethnicity dictate on whether you receive treatment, or get incarcerated?! I thought slavery was abolished and I'm not white or black. Ass backwards country!!!

  8. The opioid prescriptions are going down and heroin is going up which is way worse. So I don't think cutting a person off cold turkey without a recourse is not the right way.

  9. and then the next president immediately removed all import restrictions on raw opiate importation tonnage, removed afgani poppy tariffs and threatened to make the world pay outlandish drug prices in accordance with America's pharmacological corporation's wishes.

  10. They don't have alcohol deaths on the pie chart. America's legal epidemic.
    Why are so many dying? Big Pharma is making Billions. That's why.
    The politicians are in Big Pharma's pockets.
    How many of these kids are on Sub's or Methadone? Thats just another trap set by big Pharma. They are a tougher and longer kick than Heroin or Oxy's.

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