1. Sister, im retired out of pharmacy due to seizures. You're are right about these drugs. These quack doctors are doing this..
    Take a drug for a drug for a drug. Before anyone realizes it, they started with one medication and now they are taking two more drugs for that one.
    Detox opiates > methadone
    Methadone will kill a patient.
    Antidepressants leads to xanax. Detox> another drug.
    This my opinion…antidepressants make a patient not feel their feelings. Their zombied out and have zero emotions. That doesn't fix the issues of why they ate taking it. Getting the patient into therapy without drugs so they can feel their feelings and work out the why. Agenda 21 is to thin out the population and pharmacy is one of the many ways Big Pharma and the government is doing. Big Pharma is about greed and control. Its leading the sheep by the nose to slaughter.
    The docs recommended me to smoke weed for seizures… I refuse. I take one seizure drug but it doesnt help. So I did this…my decision is D.N.R. (do not recictate). Im not afraid of dying either because I know where im going. With God and Jesus.

  2. Everyone, i need help, ever since i suffered from Partial Possession in 2014, i've been on Medication, but now since i've made a full recovery on october 30th, 2018 by The Christ's Cross Sacrifice, (Divine & Glorious is his name) my serious problems have vanished but for some reason, i'm still on Medication that i want off of, Could you pray for me? My name is Erik M. Walton.

  3. Sorcery mean someone believe in witchcraft and etc just Google it. Seziures? Some children and adults take drops of HTC for seziures? Adultery means someone files for divorce without caught them in forcation, married people having sex with someone besides than their spouse. Read your bible and pray

  4. I have always hated medicine! Even as a child, no one knew I was sick until I stopped eating. I had a lotbof other bondage, this just was not one of them. Drs will keep you hooked! Thank you for letting everyone to knowbthe dangers of this.

  5. ..I get so hyper without it but I feel so free without the medication. Need to learn to tolerate the excitement that builds inside me…

    But then. When I stopped and started following Christ, I became ‘dumb’. Literally, I am dumb. I used to have knowledge. I used to be able to give advice to people but now it’s just all gone… Why have I become so stupid after choosing Christ?

  6. You the REALEST sister Sharon! God bless motivatingu2win a hundred fold. Already came thru thanks to JESUS but this is the realest teaching that ain't anywhere in churches. You GO SIS!!! 🔥🔥🔥😍

  7. Yahuuah created every seed bearing herb did he not? What do you think weed is? A seed bearing herb and it was used back then for medical reasons smoking weed isnt sorcery a plant isnt a drug it's not man made drugs are man made weed is a seed bearing herb, dont over do it dont let weed be your main focal point.

  8. I've been so worried about this lately can someone out there tell me is Pharmaceutical prescriptions from my doctor for a thyroid condition is that wrong I take nothing that gets me high in my medications is that still a sin??? Help! 😮😬

  9. Just a testimony, I've been delivered from smoking marijuana, drinking, etc. and…. sheesh!! Thank Jesus Christ for his mercy and grace! After I was released from those spirits holding me down, one of my drug dealers died a couple days after.. another was sent to prison shortly after that. I was just like 👀. The chains broke spiritually and physically! God is a healer, and he restores our souls. Glory be to his name! I do NOT rejoice at anyones death or incarceration, but God is constantly fighting for us to bring us back into his loving arms.

  10. I've been wondering about this situation lately bcuz this has been a big part of my life since i was young i want to stop smoking bcuz it messes up my money and i need to get loosed i knew this was sumthin serious cuz u are the second one that said this is sorcery

  11. You talk about earth's natural remedies to cure pain and so on and so on.So where does cannabis grow from?The earth.So if what you are saying is correct,Jesus was also into sorcery. Alcohol is a drug,correct?What did Jesus drink at the wedding (his first miracle)? Wine.What did Jesus drink at passover?Wine.And it was wine and not grapejuice.Hence,the Jewish leaders calling him a gluttonous winebibber.
    Paul tells Timothy to drink some wine for his stomach and infirmities.

  12. Oh my….Jesus delivered me from marijuana praise Him! But I've been on medication for yrs. I've been slowly trying to to ween myself off. One medication in particular if i miss a dose i become so sick I am so sick i can't work eat or drink I'm dizzy have head zaps. Within 8 hrs of skipped dose. It scares me so bad. I want to lay in bed and cry. Its awful i take 1 pill. And it does this to me. I need prayer so bad please. I don't know even who I've not forgiven i ask the Lord all the time and think about people in my life. I still feel sad. Only when i read the bible do i feel true peace. I know Jesus loves me and I know I have a relationship with Him because I'm on fire for Him. But I know He doesn't want these in drugs in me. When He called me I was taking medication and I've slowly been trying to ween but I need help.

  13. Hi sister Sharon, question about the pills, I was just watching your video and I stated thinking. I don’t like taking medicine at all, only when I start on my period. I take midol and right now I bought some pills for cramps from Mexico. And I was asking God and then I remembered one time I was at work and took a midol of 500grms and I felt so lightheaded/dizzy, nauseous. I don’t know if that’s altering my mind. Thank you, sister!

  14. Thank you .. God Bless you sister Sharon and I as well confess that im in that fight right now. I don't really want to smoke anymore it's a habit and bc I was in sin knowingly and unknown. I ask to be delivered. Your videos are helping me 🙏

  15. Oh dear Sharon. The Holy Spirit is ministering to me through the truth coming forth from your mouth. You encourage me and teach how to get free. You tell me plainly that the path to hell is broad where anything goes. By trade, I am a Nurse Practitioner. I never "saw" until this moment a way to treat naturally instead of with man-made drugs. Thank you for disrupting deception in my life. Your preaching is answer to my prayers for deliverance…"precept upon precept…line upon line…her a little there a little." Thank you for helping me find the Paths of Righteousness. Thank you for speaking Truth!!!! I love you all

  16. You are so correct!! This is a sign of the end times. People never took that much medicine ever and its totally normal…same with cancer! why would you put actual POISON into your body in order for it to heal?! Never made sense to me at all. My grandgrandma died at 94 never visited a hospital in her life! She lived by eating just enough to be not hungry and by having faith in the LORD. Same with my grandma. God bless you 🙂


  18. Please pray for me, i used to have depression, and Jesus has healed me! but, i've been on an anti-depressant and an anti-anxiety for a long time. I didn't know it was sorcery. I just asked God for forgiveness. The problem is my mom forces me to take the meds and idk what to do.

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