1. The nscl pot is too dry and has no aroma . It's like it is six months old . The label say 22 percent thc but the pot was harvested 6 month ago and packaged 3 months ago . From my experience the thc level drops over time so 22 percent thc cannabis thc becomes 16 pecent thc . The people working in the stores are not to blame . It is the management and government who are to blame. I will try some to find some of the more potent aromatic bud but have low expectations. The suits in the province house still think cannabis users are low level scum and that stereotype won't change any time soon .

  2. This vid is a good indication of why things in the maritimes are a
    disaster. This guy in this vid (bless his heart) is talking this up as
    its a good thing. Instead of flipping out and telling it like it really
    is. High priced Monsanto irradiated weed that is DRY as a bone, has no
    taste, is around 11% THC and comes in $10.00 of packaging (making
    another liberal doosh wealthy) This is why the slack jawed residents of
    the maritimes have…..

    15% tax (as the rich people in Alberta pay 5%)
    GOV control (and profit) on booze
    GOV control (and profit) on weed
    Salted roads…killing a new car in 8 years polluting wells and farmland
    Liberal dooshbags wall to wall.
    Pink haired faggots on every corner, more fat dyke woman than anywhere
    in the world.
    Phony Church goers, promoting gayness, sex with animals, buggering kids.

    Life long welfare bums every second home.
    Open borders to low life MOSLIMS so more can join the welfare role (no
    jobs here)
    Highest unregulated power rates in Canada.

    I could go on and on and on. These liberal idiots can not even handle
    garbage collection properly.

    The maritimes are a literal shit show of stupid. AVOID this shit hole if
    your smart. Ive given it a try but we are OUT OF HERE right around the

    Bologny brained idiots.

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