NRA: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the way the NRA not only works to prevent gun control, they work to prevent an informed discussion about gun control. Connect with Last …


  1. B fucking S, gun control CAN NOT and WILL NOT, ever, reduce violent actions they are two separate circumstances. just because a good person has a gun doesn't make them dangerous, just like a person with violent intent will execute those actions with or with out a firearm.

    its like saying car accidents are the leading cause of death so we must ban cars…!?!?

  2. Let's not waste time on repealing the Dickie Act. Let's just have someone else do the research. Personally, I'm opposed to the idea of restricting people with mental health issues from getting guns, because the people who suggest it don't understand anything about mental health, or the prevalence of mental health issues. I am in favor of a doctor or psychiatrist being able to revoke your ability to get a gun if they feel you are a danger, just like they can revoke your driver's license if you have seizures. The NRA sounds like a bunch of people who know that even modest gun laws mean that they would loose their weapons because they aren't safe to have them.

  3. The difference between the ACLU and the NRA. The ACLU defends people who use guns to commit crimes. The NRA defends people who use guns for the correct reasons (hunting, sport, self-defense). Notice Oliver has no beef with the ACLU.

  4. The NRA wants guns everywhere , EXCEPT at their own conventions where all weapons are banned

    The big PUSSIES ban guns from their own fucken conventions . P U S S I E S ,

  5. Dear America, with strong competition, your gun laws and the NRA's stranglehold on your political system is the single most fucked up basket of bafflement and confuses the rest of us. Yours sincerely, the World.

  6. Fun fact: the second amendment was made to allow American citizens at the time to form a militia against the government in case the new (and still current) system didn’t work. It wasn’t worded in a way that could be comprehended even after gradual colloquial and textbook English language changes over time. Language changes over time, just look at Shakespeare. There are so many phrases that mean something completely different from what we’d expect. Going back to the militia part, there’d be no way that the people who created that amendment could predict that the US government would one day own huge war machines and bombs that could destroy entire countries. Back then it’d be easy to overthrow the government. Nowadays, your AR-15 won’t do shit against a tank or nuke.

  7. You will find headlines about out of control stabbings in England. Explosives being smuggled into Sweden. Black market for guns of course an increase of rape by Muslims. Yet the lying establishment will lie to their people about crime, economics and radical Islam.

  8. Just get rid of guns like Australia where there was one shooting in tasmania and they took all guns away and if the people wnted them back they could do a stest for a licence

  9. Each ballistic machine tool , simple & complex , which may harm life or property by it ab-use, does need to be studied and the causes and effects of its use and ab-use taught from one generation to the next.

  10. Convienently leaves out the large gun violence research done by the CDC in 2012 that determined there was no evidence of gun control working, and that more lives are saved by guns than taken by guns each year by an incredible margin. If you want folks to take you seriously at least tell the whole story pal.

  11. For fuck's sake, the USA have more deaths related to freaking armed toddlers than terrorist attacks related deaths !
    Just do something about your use of guns !
    It's not complicated, geez

  12. 10:0310:11 I really do wonder, in year 201whatever, they are still counting votes based on how loud you say "aye" or "no"?! I think they have invented counting system since like 500BC.

    (I could be wrong, but at least they should know how many people are in favor to/against this)

  13. I am pro-2nd Ammendment, I am pro gun control, and I am anti-NRA.

    There are many things we cannot own easily that we should be able to, as there are many things that are too easy to get ahold of. Either way, the NRA has defended my rights, but in ways I am not proud of.

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