My Portland Cement Big Stone look Flower Pot in Ga.U.S.A.

Dec.5 2018 I am Helen from Ga. I enjoy my Portland Cement crafts and pot making. I love painting and all kinds of things . I love walking in my woods. I love My …


  1. Wow, those highlights really made this pot look FABULOUS. Sometimes we just never know when to stop, lol.
    When it gets warm enough here in Chicago, I’m going to be trying some of your mushrooms and pots like this.

  2. Hi, this may seem like a silly question but I'm new to your channel and to this type of craft. You mention Georgia sand, is that a product sold in stores around the country? I live in a desert area so have lots of sand around. I'm just wondering if I could use what's already here all around me?? Thank you for your inspirational words too. Your mushroom video spoke to me, God is using you for more than showing people your artistic side. I am disabled, not able to do much, and get very discouraged sometimes. I love doing artistic things and am going to give concrete a try now so you and I can enjoy coffee together in the mornings.

  3. When I thought the last project was my favorite and then you went and made this line oh Em Gee Miss Helen I love this planter when I go home I’m going to make me one do you bless thank you so much

  4. Oh miss Helen, absolutely gorgeous I love it and now I want to make me one but I'm late catching your video and it's February here and very cold right now! That's beautiful and thanks for your videos! PS the whole time you were painting the birds were over there and the most beautiful red bird they were just watching you

  5. Dear Miss Helen …You are more than cared about …You are a Gem and I'm happy I found you and your comforting/informative videos…Big Ole Hugs from Toronto, Canada …I Must add …your home/yard look like Heaven …just Lovely

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