Motivate yourself to beat addiction | Jordan Peterson & Stefan Molyneux

Jordan Peterson talks to Stefan Molyneux about dopamine, motivation, pornography, video games, and drug and alcohol addiction. Check out the full talk and …


  1. Playing stat few valley has weirdly made me work a billion times better than ever in my life…I didn't know why but it modelled as far as I can tell the way that I should work. It's a great little game with little rewards no big thrill and no hard grind and so it taught my brain something without me realising about how I should work. And I get a huge kick now out of doing small steps in my work..whereas before my model was starting something getting super enthused then doing the most exciting part of the work then not wanting to do the small steps to finish. Somehow that game gave my brain the ability not even consciously to go start one step take a break go back do another step and I enjoyed it in the exact same way I enjoyed star dew valley. I've never felt that way since maybe one single day I recall in school where I got that same awesome feeling. Which I now think must be dopamine. So yeah I totally agree about computer games in some situations being really good. They're also almost like dreams and I find dreams I can figure things out about real life and same with some games I can process things because literally they are models. In the same way Lego is a model that can help you understand the world. Anyway that's my fifty three cents.

  2. say what? tugging my john thomas to some decent pornog isn't a noble pursuit??? …… sorry PETERson…. i'm still gunna flog the dolphin like it owes me money….

  3. I just started playing DnD, and I think it is helping to be more socially normal. That is probably because, unlike video games, it requires you to actually interact with other, real people. And the consequences of your actions in DnD matter more than on video games because you could mess up the experience of real people if you don't adapt to each other.

  4. I used heroin and methadone everyday for 24 years. Then I became homeless and very ill. I had no car, money, friends or phone. I had my 3 year old daughter by my side the entire time and was soley responsible for her upbringing. I did not go to any form of rehab, meetings etc. I am now ten years clean. My EBOOKS are FREE for two more days. Please visit for the link to amazon.

  5. I really enjoy masturbating to pornography. I’ve been doing it for fifteen years. I wonder what about me if I hadn’t.
    I’ll leave it for a couple of weeks and report back.

  6. In the tribal eras, I wouldn't have survived. I was the weakest of my family. In this modern era, I was forced to survive. I had all sorts of lung and ear infections when I was younge. But no thanks to modern medicine, I was forced to survive. Fuck this world.

  7. Fantastic conversation!!
    Just one thing: as far as I understand cocaine is an indirect dopamine agonist and not a direct dopamine agonist. It acts primarily by blocking the re-uptake in the synaptic cleft.

  8. I think Peterson has grown up with a certain view of pornography which affected his position. I think he is quite mistaken about what you can do in terms of controlling a habit so it won't get out of hand.

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